Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tampa BayCycle

An email:

Southeast Seminole Heights Friends and Neighbors,

There is a movement underway called Tampa BayCycle. The idea is simple: Get people to give cycling a try.

For now, Tampa BayCycle is focusing efforts in the month of May. Lots of great things going on. Please visit the website for more information www.tampabaycycle. com and consider signing up for 1001 Friends where you commit to cycling just ONCE during May. (…if you put my name as your reference I get brownie points!)

FOR NOW, I’d like to organize a morning bike ride for those neighbors who work in or around Downtown (or are up for a really short and slow bicycle ride!) Since National Bike to Work Day is May 18th, I suggest we meet that day 7am at the Starbucks on Central/Hillsboroug h – we’ll set out at 7:15am.

This is NOT for a lycra-wearing race team!! Clunckers, bloomers, all characters are encouraged. We’ll make our way south on Central, around lake, turn right to access Morgan, and take Morgan all the way in. I did this ride really slowly (with a hangover) and it only took 12 minutes. I have an extra bike and can ask around for others if necessary (so scratch off that excuse). Feel free to email or call me with questions and concerns.

Gena Torres


Anonymous said...

"Get people to give cycling a try."


In our area, isn't this more like "Get people to give being a victim of vehicular homicide a try."

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit Tampa is not a bike-friendly city, but it doesn't stop me from biking to work 3 days a week -- from Old Seminole Heights to west of the airport. It's like anything else, where there's a will, there's a way. I use a lot of lower-traffic back roads. Give it a try. We need more people on bikes if we're ever going to make this city a safe one in which to bike to work. I'm 100% all for it.

Consider this list that cycling can do for you:

1. Control your weight
2. Increased your metabolism
3. Boosted your immune system
4. Improved your mood & confidence
5. Decreased your risk of cancer
6. Helped prevent heart disease
7. Increased muscle tone and definition
8. Increased your energy level
9. Improved your sexual performance
10. Add years to your life
11. Save money on gasoline
12. Decrease the United States dependency on gas
13. Decrease pollution because you're not driving a vehicle
13. Decrease road rage because you're not stuck in traffic jambs
14. Possibly decrease health care costs (if more people biked to work)
15. The list goes on...

Just give it a try.

Rubber side down,
Alan Badia
Tampa Bay Cycle advocate

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and give it a try but get the hell out of my way.

Anonymous said...

1:35 PM,

Your mother must be so proud.

Love, mean it!

Roberto said...

What do you do if your place of work does not have a shower? Biking to work is great, but certainly can be unpractical in an office environment (without access to facilities).

RMT said...

Pack a large hand towel. Wet one end and wipe yourself down, then dry w the other end. You'll feel clean and won't smell.
anon 1:35-
With that mentality you might lose your license someday and find yourself getting around by bike.
It takes a few seconds to make a safe pass of a cyclist. Seems a fair tradeoff to have one less car in front of you. An occasional bike on the road is not your enemy, it's all the other cars that are.

Anonymous said...

I keep a package of baby wipes at my desk, along with a change of clothes. All you need is a restroom, no shower needed. Simply wipe off with the baby wipes, dry with a towel, and throw on some deodorant, cologne and your clothes and you're done. Where there's a will, there's a way. You can't imagine the benefits until you done it for a while.

Alan Badia