Friday, April 06, 2007

Miller Raises her profile - Issue #1

Perhaps Gwen Miller is heeding the advice of Ernest Hooper (Miller's deeds can quiet critics)

"Even in victory, the criticism Miller drew as being ineffective still has merit."

"The question now is how does Miller move forward, and the answer is not the status quo. Clearly people expect more, and she should expect more of herself. Showing up is no longer enough to appease her constituents."

"Miller's mission should be to identify a dire need and then take steps to create a solution. Given the tools at her disposal, I don't see why she can't be successful. After all, her husband, Les Miller, is a former state Senate minority leader. Her longtime friend, Arthenia Joyner, is a current state senator."

"Now imagine if Miller identified an issue she wanted to tackle, convened this group of influential people and said, "Here's what I would like to do, can you help me?" "

So what is her first significant public initiative?

According to the Tribune: "council Chairwoman Gwen Miller wants to move the city's election from March to November."

"Miller, who brought up the issue at Thursday's council meeting, said she was upset by the low voter turnout in the most recent city election. "

Not a bad beginning. Not earthshaking but something I do agree with. However I'd suggest her next pronouncment should be something more directly meaningful to the daily lives of people. Let's see where she goes.

I will try to keep track of her stances for the next year and lets she if she becomes a new Gwen Miller.


Anonymous said...

Although she was a former school teacher, I've never heard Gwen Miller complete a full sentence without making one or two grammatical errors. I dont think we can expect much from her in the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was a PE teacher.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon. 10:56, I winced when I read that she may become more 'vocal'. Please, no!! I cringe everytime she opens her mouth to speak.

RMT said...

Marbles in Her Mouth, Rocks in Her Head.
Her first move after getting re-elected to Chairperson (in a close and somewhat controversial vote) was to deny Linda Saul-Sena re-appointment to the MPO, which she had served on for 20 yrs and requested to continue. Instead, Miller appointed newcomer Joe Caetano, who can be expected to put the interests of New Tampa ahead of the rest of Tampa. No explanation was given by Miller, but it seems clear after viewing this she has a grudge, a vendetta against Saul-Sena. If so, does any elected official putting a personal agenda ahead of the best interest of the community deserve to keep their seat?? See Gwen Miller's blatant disrespect of Sual-Sena for yourself on Ch 15 during April at: Sat@5; Sun@9pm; Mon@1pm; Fri@8am. Tune in about 45 minutes past the hour to avoid the boring inauguration ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

It all only proves that just because you speak up, doesn't mean you have anything intelligent to say. I am amazed at the new vocalness of Gwendolyn Gwen amd admired the strength she showed. Just sad she could not have had more important things to say,

Watching this council should be interesting. but heartreaking. I will be reminded each time that SH can't show up to vote. And because of this we missed a golden opportunity to have better representation on council. Painful to watch,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Painful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can only dream of what would have happened had Joe Redner been elected. He would have changed everything overnight. He could have brought some of his strippers with him or better yet, he could have just moved to have council meetings at the Mons!!! Free Entry!!! And Joe was so articulate! Of course, like most of Joe's supporters, I only have the brain of a gnat, so I rely on repeating what I hear from the other sheep.

Anonymous said...

I'll paraphrase...

Better to be silent and have people think you are an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

RMT said...

The City Council organizational meeting will be televised Tues nite (4/10) @ 11:30pm on Ch 15.
This is the only time it will be shown.
See the new mean, angry Gwen excercise her power.

Bungalowlady said...

Yes, the "new" Gwendolyn Gwen has done it again. She put Caetano on the MPO instead of Saul-Sena. Caetano has readily stated he thinks we do not need public transportation. He also has recommended that New Tampa withdraw from the city. Hmmm, good choice Gwen!

Anonymous said...

A hair salon owner making transportation decisions...

He doesn't know jack about light rail but you oughta see the way he feathers hair...

Only in Tampa!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having seen the new active, vocal Gwen, think
we were better off with the old "do nothing" Gwen.
At least she was harmless.

Anonymous said...

Help us. Somebody please help us.

Mashed potatoes. Gravy. And cranberry sauce.

OOoooooooooooohhhhhhooohho ...

Anonymous said...

Recent St. Pete Times story:

In the wake of complaints from residents about the increasing property taxes, state legislators are discussing a massive reform of the tax system.

Proposals include a property tax rate rollback, doubling the homestead exemption, and eliminating property taxes on homesteads altogether.

Iorio predicts the changes could reduce city's revenue by up to $30-million.

"The cuts we're looking at are very scary," said City Council member Linda Saul-Sena. "If these things happen, our budget will not be able to sustain the employees we now have."

Saul-Sena said she planned to contact her legislators and the governor and urge them to take a "responsible approach to people's property taxes because the impacts to local governments will be so painful and so severe."

Saul-Sena said she recently met with residents in Seminole Heights who talked about the need for more code enforcement and how much they appreciated the increased police presence in their neighborhood.

"People in our community want these services," she said. "We can't provide them if we don't have the revenue."