Sunday, April 22, 2007

War and Home

I read this story on the St. Pete Times by Alex Zayas about a Seminole Heights family. All I can say is wow.

Growing together

An Iraqi bomb shattered Jace Badia's legs. It also ripped at his marriage, even his bond with his baby girl. Now, the hard part.


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Tommy_Cane said...

Great story. Many vets go through the same ordeals. The additional strain of being wounded and away from your buds while they are in Iraq must be tremendous. The last thing most troops want to do is let their buddies down by not being there.

Its hard to come home and live around family and friends that don't understand. There's something comforting in talking to other vets. Especially those from the same or similar conflicts. There is a lot of anger and stress that is difficult to deal with in the first months of coming home. And its hard to communicate the experiance of war to those that have not been there.

I know my wife has had to cope and god bless her for sticking it out. Its still not easy. Sleepless nights and not having any patience. I have a lot of respect for spouses that can stick it out with their wives or husbands when they come home from war.

Once again that was a great article. I wish I could have met Jace while he was in the SH.