Monday, April 23, 2007

Paint Your Heart Out

Emails from Southeast Seminole Heights:

On Saturday, April 21 the 19th Annual Paint Your Heart Out - Tampa was held. On this day, over 100 houses of Tampa 's senior citizens were painted by almost 3,000 volunteers. This year, our association paint team painted the home of Joseph Hershey, on . . . . E. Ellicott. We began painting this house around 8:30 and were finished by 2:00.

Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association has organized paint teams each year and has now painted 23 homes in our neighborhood. We are one of only two neighborhood associations (along with Old Seminole Heights ) that has been a part of PYHOT every year since 1988. Co-captains, Jon Buhl and Frank Roder have been a part of every paint team since 1988! Once again, SESHCA can be proud of our accomplishment!

If you know of someone who would like to have their house nominated for PYHOT 2008 please call Frank Roder at 238-1772

2007 Paint Team:

Frank Roder, Co-Captain
Jon Buhl, Co-Captain
Robert Buhl
Stephanie Walstrum
Michael Palmer
Scott Krulic
Jeff Glumb
Pat Benjamin
Harry Cardini
Gregg Story
Glenn Cable
Lee Ann Corning
Sherry Simons
Kristina Simons
Diane Collins
David Walker
Beverly Morrow
Jim Schnabel
Mike Ferlita
Joel Mesa
Jason Bresnen
Nicole Marcantoni
Kaylee Bresnen
James Phillips
Delores Melsheimer
Meighan Melsheimer
Justin Fair


Once again all your work meant more to the homeowner than you could ever imagine.
From the surprise of finding out he would have his house painted to meeting Mayor Pam at the closing Bar-B-Que, Mr Hershey had an amazing time. The good feelings he received from everyone will last for many years!

Thank You All for what you give to the neighborhood!

As a former neighbor of Mr. Hershey, I appreciate so very much that his house was taken care of. They have lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years.

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