Friday, April 27, 2007

A Living Hominid is back

One of the earliest blogs from Seminole Heights was a a living hominid. I always enjoyed reading his articles that occasionally included stories about Seminole Heights. He stopped writing for a while. Well he is back.

"The blog is active again but with a slightly different focus. Previously, I started the blog as an MD/PhD student in a unique situation - I'm in medical school at USF but I'm a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Michigan. The blog was started to help me mesh ideas for my dissertation with my clinical experiences. Life moves on and sometimes away from past goals. My dissertation is on indefinite hiatus but my career as a physician is just beginning and my passion for Emergency Medicine, International Health and Policy grows each day. Still, don't we all need a place to write, to create, and to share our experiences?"

From an email: "Anyway, I've decided to reactivate the old blog - slightly different focus these days with some fiction, photography etc. I figure I have plenty of outlets for the academic stuff, why not use the blog for the other pieces of life? I've got numerous unfinished short stories and manuscripts sitting around on my computer that I can start to hash out. Of course, it's likely some SH material will make it in as well. You can't see something like Roof Dogs and NOT post about it - just impossible!"

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