Monday, April 16, 2007

Traffic Calming

Interesting meeting tonight (4/16) at Middleton regarding speed tables on 22nd street north of Sligh Ave. This is where 22nd dead ends on the edge of Old Seminole Heights. Small turn-out maybe in part to the city holding a public meeting with no directions close to 2 miles from the affected area. This is the same section of 22nd street where the "Transfer Station" has been proposed. Attendance: 8 plus this writer. There was some suspicion by neighbors that this would be a prelude to the city moving forward with the Transfer Station. The neighbors responded to the notice posted on 22nd Street. The neighborhood association was not notified by the city.

Apparently of all the streets in Seminole Heights and all the streets in the city with speeding issues, this less than a mile long, dead end stretch of 22nd street ranked #1 for speed tables! Yes folks the 85th percentile was 44 mph. I'm not begrudging that part of Seminole Heights getting some traffic calming in the form of speed tables. I just wish they would put some on Hanna between Nebraska and 22nd St. where even the ambulances returning to the firehouse routinely speed well above the speed limit. Personally something smells a little.

Other streets in Seminole Heights and the priority rank city-wide for speed tables

#22 Highland between Violet and Hillsborough (South Seminole Heights)
#52 Riverheights between N. Blvd and Riverside (South Seminole Heights)
#75 12th St. between Chelsea and Osborne (Southeast Seminole Heights)
#76 River Blvd between Osborne and Giddens (South Seminole Heights)


Anonymous said...

There certainly needs to be more representation of these issues as I can name a few more area needing traffic calming due to accidents or speeding around homes with chilren playing in the streets.

E. North street btw 15th and 12th, a bypass to the Hanna stop sign at 15th, and too many playing chilren in this area.

12th Street from Sligh to Hanna. Too many accidents.

It is residential folks...not the speedway. SLOW DOWN!

David said...

West Hanna also has been a problem for the last 30 years. The widening of Hillsborough has not lessened the cut through traffic taking Ola to Hanna to the light at Florida. Yet many residents of this area between Sligh and Hillsborough and just east of the river are guilty of traveling down Hanna at break neck speed, sitting on their horns if someone is trying to pull in or out of their own driveway. The word has always been that this is a fire route and therefore no speed bumps are allowed. But isn't Wishart a fire route? Isn't Riverhills in Temple Terrace a fire route?
Michelle Barron