Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Changes In Your Politics?

One of my theories is that the reason conservatives do so well in suburban areas is that they often don't have to face the realities that the city voters see on a daily basis. Poverty, Drug Abuse, Homelessness and lots of other issues. I call these naive conservatives. However I also thing that there are a lot of naive liberals out there also who don't truly understand some of the issues they commit themselves to and that sometimes I wonder if thier persepctive changes once they come face to face with those issues.

Has the living in Seminole Heights changed your politics any?

My politics is perhaps more nuanced, mostly in the center, but perhaps moving to one or the other direction on some issues. For examples: Drug Abuse. More treatent and more enforcement, but that perhaps we also ought to make pot legal just like another drug - tobacco, and tax the heck out it. What a boom to the Florida economy it would be. One of the big things I learned is the importance of the neighborhoods, at least in the city.


Anonymous said...

My libeal politics were strained after seeing first hand how generous programs such as section 8 housing and welfare are being used and abused. In the suburbs I hadn't lived next door to criminals getting next to free housing that I was paying for.

Anonymous said...

Well then go back to the suburbs. No one asked your upity liberal ass to slum it. Hell you can't even spell it.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the effects of freeway widening on urban areas (greater access to cheaper housing in the suburbs) has made me more tolerant of traffic jams on the freeway. I see them as a "good thing" for our urban areas.

Watching Shawn Harrison kill a flood control measure because New Tampa didn't need it made me pay attention more to what my local representatives do. My driveway floods during rains because of poor road and waste water management.

Watching the culture clash as new residents changed the culture in Seminole Heights one house at a time, was an eye-opener.

Speaking of which, Anon 8:57, as a friendly reminder, it's spelled "uppity" with two P's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I was in such a hurry to run off and read thenew ACLU newsletter I must have forgotten it!

Anonymous said...

I have definitely become less liberal. The reason I moved into this neighborhood, was the affordability. I worked my ass off to make my home a better place. As the years went on, my family have cared for and bettered our property. Now, my taxes have gone up in the thousands making it almost cost prohibitive to live here. Meanwhile, the lady across the street pays no taxes, has free housing and is raising all of her grandkids--all while her daughter keeps popping them out! Quite frankly, I am sick of my family sacrificing so that I can pay for the delinquent kids across the street. There needs to be reform in the welfare system to cap how many kids a person can have on the dole. The girls are now using the kids as income. The more kids you have (and pawn off on g’ma) the more money you get to make.

It is sickening to see these girls at Publix with their fancy long, airbrushed, $100 nails digging in their purses to find their Welfare cards. They have made it so easy and discrete to shop. I think they should make the “welfare card” so big and obvious that people may be shamed to getting off the system.

When the city announced that they were going displace the tenants in the downtown projects they had people on the news saying “I have lived here for 30 years and I am excited to get a new home” 30 years! Are you kidding me? What is being done to better their lives? Most do not want to better; most want the free ride that we keep handing out.

Anonymous said...

The above comments a little too angry for me but I can see your point.

Most dime store liberals don't live in the real world. It's all theory.

But on the other hand the same can be said for unflinching conservatives.

Anonymous said...

"I have definitely become less liberal." - 4/10/2007 1:02 PM

So you were David Duke'ish and now your more like Hitler?

Anonymous said...

What a great thread, I love to watch liberals lose their virginity.

I myself used to feel that the government was capable of doing a few basic things for it's citizens, but now I don't even afford it that.

RMT said...

Don't disagree w the observations/complaints made so far. The $2,000 rims drive me nuts. Seems like those buying them are least able to afford them. Except for the pimps and dealers.
But those who would turn their back on the poor should keep in mind the consequenses. Destitute people who lose hope often become desperate and dangerous to all. Many of the welfare crowd had no family support or guidance growing up and it is unrealistic to expect them to have the drive and determination to "make it".

Anonymous said...

"Destitute people who lose hope often become desperate and dangerous to all."

Yea, unlike the subsidized and supported ones we have now that are as harmless as kittens.
I guess you're still a virgin.
Poverty doesn't make you a violent criminal, a lack of certainty in the repercussions does.

Anonymous said...

I guess a lack of certainty would be present in all the "cons"ervatives, currently under indictment, investigation, or conviction, from the Republican side of the fence.

Anytime I hear someone use the word "liberal" like it's the worst thing you can call someone, it reminds me of a school playground, where children with limited knowledge and vocabulary, insult someone who has made them mad.

I agree. the $2,000 rims make me nuts. But so does government subsidies to Fortune 100 companies. Welfare is welfare. Doesn't matter if you are poor and black or rich and white.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is exciting. So far on the blog we've displayed hate for Hispanics, small business owners and the poor. Who's next? I can't wait to find out!

Anonymous said...

Snotty liberals?
Oh wait, we already covered them.

Anonymous said...

Hows about the nappy headed ho's?

Anonymous said...

Gay realtors?
Damn, did them also.

Anonymous said...

I know 4/10/2007 4:52 PM! I'm suprised white sheets werent included when I bought my house.

Anonymous said...

My politics have changed slightly as I've gotten older.

I'm a big-government libertarian who thinks churches ought to stay the hell out of politics altogether and just stick to saving souls.

I'm quite willing to pay taxes for services, as long as I can see what services we're getting for my money.

I'm happy to tell people they can't build more houses in Florida. The last thing we need in this state is more people.

I've got a "live and let live" attitude w.r.t. gays and lesbians as long as I don't have to see another of those stupid rainbow stickers or listen to another emo GLAAD blowhard spout off the next time Eminem releases a record. We're here and we're straight (and we're 96% of the population) so get over it.

I like guns. (This isn't new - I grew up around them.)

I like beer and porn (I also like strip bars), but as with all things in moderation. Ronda Storms can stick it.

Anonymous said...

Let's not also forget the Ebonic Speaking group - did them too !

Anonymous said...

Who's left? Straight white males?
That won't work. This blogs devoted to dumping on them.

Anonymous said...


RMT said...

Good comments 4/11 3:35.
Guess I'd be happy w/out guns, though.
Frustrating to me gun control, abortion and gay rights have such influence on who gets elected these days...
The RE (bear) market may put a stop to growth in Fla for a while. Maybe for a number of years. And that could prove to be a very good thing...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:02 says:

The reason I moved into this neighborhood, was the affordability. I worked my ass off to make my home a better place. As the years went on, my family have cared for and bettered our property. Now, my taxes have gone up in the thousands making it almost cost prohibitive to live here.

I understand your frustration, but this statement simply isn't true on its face. If you bought your home in the area a long time ago, long enough to have raised a family there, then your taxes have increase at most 3% a year--generally keeping up with inflation only. How have your taxes gone up into the thousands? Generally, the *only* way that could happen is if you did something to get re-assessed at full market value some time after 2003. Self-inflicted wounds still hurt, but they aren't the fault of the Granny across the street and your choices don't make hers worse.


Abortion is of some importance to 51% of our population. How can it surprise you that women are concerned about being in control of their own bodies?

Gay Rights has "such influence on gets elected these days" that marginally anti-gay Gwen Miller was elected over politically pro-gay Redner. What was it, 51 to 49%. Hardly a matter of much or any influence in that race.

But more to the point of the thread, how has living here change your views such that you are frustrated by abortion and gay rights politics?