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Mary Carol Hill (Frederick) - 2007 annual article

Last Year, I posted two blog articles about Mary Carol Hill (Frederick). Where is Mary Carol Hill (Frederick)? and Response on Mary Carol Hill.

She was a Seminole Heights resident who disappeared sometime after 9:30 P.M. on June 3, 1994.

From the St. Pete Times ""Authorities are investigating the disappearance of Mary Carol Hill, a 37-year-old mother and a student at Stetson University College of Law. Hill was last seen by a neighbor about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, standing in front of her home at 1601 E Powhattan Ave. in the Seminole Heights section of Tampa. Her sister reported her missing Monday. Tampa police Detective Gary Saunders said Hill's house was locked and her car was parked in front. "There's nothing at this point to indicate she was abducted," Saunders said. Hill is 5 feet 3 and weighs 125 pounds. She has curly red hair and blue eyes. "She was tremendously excited by beginning law school, where she hoped to continue her work as a child advocate," said her husband, Ken Frederick, who was camping in Colorado with their 5-year-old son when his wife was reported missing.""

From the Tribune "The career and most everything else possibly could have been left behind, "but not her son," says her husband of a decade, Ken Frederick, 46.

"She didn't walk away," declares one of her four sisters, Diana McCumber of Temple Terrace. "She had too much going for her."

Hill has not been seen with certainty since the afternoon of Friday, June 3, at Stetson's Pinellas County campus in Gulfport, although others may have seen her later that evening, according to Detective Jerry Keith of the Tampa Police Department."

The TPD missing persons website article on her notes: "The night before she had dinner with a friend and watched videos with him at her home."

Speculation centered around Louis Hlava, a close friend of the family who was the last person to be with her.

On my blog article this comment appeared reportedly from her husband, Ken Frederick. I have no way to determine the validity of this comment.

"While I choose also to remain anonymous to avoid cruel harrassment, I am Ken Frederick, former husband of Mary Carol Hill, remarried, my son, wife, her children, and myself now living in a kinder environment, a place that I had hoped prior to her disappearance/death would have also become Mary Carol's home.

It has been 12 years and to the best of my knowledge Mary Carol's case continues to be labeled a homicide by TPD. My specific reason for writing is to clarify a question earlier in the article: "So is Louis Hlava a person of interest, or a victim?"

Louis Hlava (DOB 7/1/53) is the ONLY suspect in Mary Carol's disappearance and certain death. Mary Carol and Louis Hlava had been co-workers at the (then) HRS, we regarded him as a close friend, and we had helped him during his times of trouble. Louis Hlava gave one interview to TPD and then refused to cooperate further with the investigation and also, without explanation, discontinued any further contact with me and our son. To the best of my knowledge it is Louis Hlava whose police interview created those "...discrepancies in early investigation testimony (that) were exposed." And I, too, had early begun to discover inconsistencies and a selective withholding of information from Louis Hlava in my personal conversations with him although I had initially regarded him as yet another victim of this event.

I appreciate the continued interest in Mary Carol's case and life. I am very grateful to have shared a part of that life with her, and continue to hope that we might one day respectfully bury her."

Respecfully bury her. Simple request.

Is there someone reading this blog who knew something that has not yet been reported to the police? That maybe they did not attach any significance to at the time? Do you know anyone who was around that part of the neighborhood at the time of disappearance, who might have information? Or someone who knew or knows someone involved in the case?

The last time a news article of any significance done on this was in 1995. Perhaps now it the time again. Interview Mr. Frederick. Interview the detective who was handling the case Det. Jerry Keith. Interview Louis Hlava. Interview old neighbors. Maybe TV news story could be done. Perhaps TPD can put this at the top of list of their cold cases.

It is a shame that nothing more has been found out in this case. For that reason every year from now on, I will post on article on her, so that Seminole Heights will not forget her, and hopes that we will know what happened and if she was murdered, that her murderer is caught, and that her husband and son will get to respectfully bury her.

Anyone having information about Mary Carol Hill is asked to contact the Tampa Police Department Missing Persons Unit at: (813) 276-3516 or E-Mail Missing Persons


TC said...

I wonder if the cold case squad knew about the reply from the person who had information on this case?

Anonymous said...

if that person is still around and willing, please contact TPD again. i know one of the detectives who worked on it a long time ago but is now retired. i'm sure they would welcome any info.