Friday, February 09, 2007

"Seminole Heights did it."

Great article in the St. Petersburg Times, about the "Mount Rushmore of neighborhood presidents", all from Seminole Heights. Randy Baron, SherryGenovar-Simons and Gary Elsworth

A local 'Mount Rushmore'St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USASEMINOLE HEIGHTS -Before they moved to Seminole Heights, Randy Baron was just a computer programmer, Sherry Genovar-Simons didn't know her neighbors and ...See all stories on this topic

"SEMINOLE HEIGHTS -Before they moved to Seminole Heights, Randy Baron was just a computer programmer, Sherry Genovar-Simons didn't know her neighbors and Gary Ellsworth had never thought of joining a civic association - he didn't even know whether his neighborhood had one.

But something transformed the three into what Shannon Edge, the city director of neighborhood and community relations, calls "the Mount Rushmore of neighborhood presidents."

"What turned them into leaders?

"Seminole Heights did it," Baron said."

. . .
"In Seminole Heights, neighbors joined to tackle problems. Then they realized they liked each other."
. . .
"Everybody gets excited about presidential elections, and we're already focusing on the 2008 elections," Ellsworth said. "But if you want to improve your quality of life in the day to day, it happens on the local level.""

So where do we carve their likenesses?


Anonymous said...

First...what Sherry 61?

Tampa Voter said...

Let's show the city exactly what Seminole Heights can do when we ban together. Where have they be the last four years.

1) We have had issues with Sex offenders. What did they do? Nothing!

2) I, as well as neighbors, have had code enforcement nightmares. What did they do? Nothing!

3) I have seen so many automobile accidents on Florida Ave. What have they done? Nothing!

4)I have taken the kids to Giddens Park for over 3 years hoping they will have a great place to play. What has the city done? Nothing!

5)I have called TPD on the crack house next door, which has also had numerous code violations, a murder and more! What have the done? I thought nothing until I saw the article on the news in which they interviewed Chief Hogue. It appears our administration has learned how to fudge numbers, "miscategorize" crimes so it appears that crime is going down.

If we as a neighborhood group together, enlist east Tampa, we can show this no-good Mayor and her do nothing administration to the door!


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say they have done nothing..
It does loook a lot better in the hood.
I was however extrememly pissed about the massive quantities of sex offenders in one house.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that people bitch all the time but are not willing to contribute to the solution. If you have spoken with the police aboutthe sex offenders you will find that they are monitored regularly if theyare not dispersed so that thepolice cannot find them. As for crime, the crime rate inSH has declined. Why? Because your neighborhood presidents banded together and beat on TPD to help with the problem. You can actually walk downNebraska after 4 PM and not worry about being killed, accosted or sold drugs. Giveme a break! The world doesn't change over nite. You have problems with the crack house next door, call Bob Guidara or Sophie Teague depending on where you live. Quit bitching and get to work!