Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Tube

I like watching things on You Tube. There are some very interesting and clever videos out there, once you weed out the junk.

Some of my favorites are:

"White and Nerdy" video by Weird Al Yankovitch

Note: Picard is the best

The "Malaquena Salerosa" Kill Bill Fan Clip

and a live version of the song filmed at the premiere of Kill Bill 2 with Robert Rodriguez playing the guitar. See how long the mariachi holds the note.

I also like a couple series with a theological bent.

God Inc.

Mr. Deity

Another one I stumbled across was an eerie version of the The Cremation of Sam McGee

So what are your favorites?


Jim Johnson said...

Flea Market... Montgomery

It's Just Like
It's Just Like
It's Just Like a Mini....


The funniest thing I have seen in a while... plus the various spoofs on there...

csd said...

"My Hands are Bananas"

Seminole Heights said...

So I watch Flea Market Montogmery last night before I go to bed. Could not get that ditty out of my

Here is the link to the bizarre "My Hands are Bananas"

IFly said...

Of course my favorites tend to be something like
Or this
Or this<---I dig the music they picked to back this one.

IFly said...

Parking solution for Seminole Heights?

Seminole Heights said...

Four Green Fields was looking into a robotic parking garage.

Seminole Heights said...

Wally, How did that Super Cub land that was without crashing. He was skipping on the water like a stone. Wow.

IFly said...

High flotation tires, a very light airplane, and a big helping of skill.

I had heard about Four Green Fields right about the time I moved back, I wonder if that's still in the works.

kombatrock! said...

there's a few videos i shot and edited on youtube.