Monday, February 19, 2007

Baron Flyer

The election arrives on March 6. If you are interested in seeing Randy Baron get elected to City Council, I have an idea. I made up a flyer (PDF format) you can give to your neighbors and co-workers. It basically reprints the endorsements by both newspapers with a little blurb at the top indicating you are a neighbor supporting him.

"Hello, I am your neighbor ________________. In the November election, the City Council members who were from Seminole Heights moved to the County Commission, leaving our neighborhood without representation on Tampa City Council. This coming City Council election, I’d like you to consider voting for Seminole Heights resident Randy Baron for the District 1 race. Here is what the newspapers say about the District 1 race. Both endorse Randy Baron"

Print these out and hand them to your neighbors who have the Miller and Barcena signs. Hand them out to your neighbors who don't have any signs. Hand them out at work. Tack them up on bulletin boards. Make paper airplanes out of them and fly the flyers to your cubicle mates. Email them.

It works. I made one Baron convert today at work by showing the flyer.

Get grassrooted and get Baron elected.

Note: This was not a paid political ad approved by Randy Baron. He did not know anything about it and had no say in it.


dj snook said...


Site opponent's "troubling" votes and views: "Mulhern...promises a broader and fresher perspective...the Tribune endorses Mary Mulhern."
"No race on the ballot presents a clearer choice for Tampa's future...the Times recommends Mary Mulhern District 2 (citywide)."

The Tampa Tribune Endorsement:
Sunday February 18, 2007
"District 2 - In this citywide race, Shawn Harrison, term limited from running again in north Tampa's District 7, faces Mary Mulhern, a south Tampa resident who ran a solid race for the county commission last fall.
Harrison, an attorney, prides himself on being a fiscal conservative. But after pushing council to reduce millage last year, he rejected the mayor's proposed budget cuts. His solution was to dip into the city's meager reserves, hardly a conservative budgeting philosophy.

Harrison also has focused on traffic problems in his district, though his results are hard to see. He talks about the need for light rail to meet transportation needs, but he appears unwilling to commit to any funding plan. His support for an unpopular proposal to build a beltway through the county's rural lands also is troubling.

Even more troubling is his past indifference to flooding problems in south Tampa. He opposed a modest stormwater fee to repair the city's crumbling infrastructure. Instead, he adopted a simplistic "no new fee" attitude while offering no concrete alternatives for solving the problem.
Mulhern, in contrast, seems a deeper thinker more interested in citywide problems, such as affordable housing, transit, historic preservation and attracting businesses that will complement, not disrupt, neighborhoods.

She knows development is essential to our economy, but wants construction to be accompanied by the necessary services. She points out certain fees that help growth pay for itself.

Mulhern, a writer, promises a broader and fresher perspective than Harrison, who's been an adequate council member but certainly no visionary. In District 2, the Tribune endorses Mary Mulhern."

St. Petersburg Times Endorsement:
"No race on the ballot presents a clearer choice for Tampa's future...the Times recommends Mary Mulhern District 2 (citywide)."

St. Petersburg Times, Published February 17, 2007(C)

"No race on the ballot presents a clearer choice for Tampa's future. Shawn Harrison, a lawyer term-limited out of his north Tampa council seat, believes cutting taxes is the top priority, that government spending is "out of control on all levels" and that the city needs to keep studying transportation before embarking on a major fix. Mary Mulhern, a south Tampa small business owner and civic activist, dispenses with these platitudes. She recognizes the city's problems and seems more prepared to do something about them.

Mulhern, 48, a graphic designer involved in the PTA and the arts, would bring an energy to Tampa government. She has an impressive depth across the range of issues, from transportation to redevelopment, and a better sense of the diverse neighborhoods that make up the city.

Mulhern is open to spending cuts. But she would be realistic enough to set priorities first. Her ideas for adding accountability to the budgeting process, making permitting run more smoothly, joining with other governments to plan for commuter rail and luring employers highlight her common sense and get-it-done style. Mulhern is stronger than Harrison on historic preservation and on other issues, from support for affordable housing to cultural affairs.

Harrison, 41, has his strengths...but Tampa needs to move on transit and major renewal projects in the neighborhoods. Mulhern has that sense of urgency and the gift of plain talk residents need from their leaders. Her proactive approach and well-rounded understanding of Tampa's diverse neighborhoods, are vital qualities for a citywide council member. In District 2, the Times recommends Mary Mulhern."

MARY MULHERN District 2 (citywide)

Just getting a taste said...

The City Election is March 6th. It is stated incorrectly above.

Anonymous said...

This blog used to be fun to read but now it just seems like a political campaign website. What happened to all of your interesting stuff?! C'mon mix it up a little and tell all sides of all stories like you used to!

Anonymous said...

He's in the process of moving. Give the guy a break. :-) I'm amazed he's posting as much as he has been.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14

So what you really mean is that politics have no relevance in your life so I'm not gonna partake until code doesn't do what I want and then I will get on my stump and bitch when I really won't have a leg to stand on as I couldn't be bothered to even vote.