Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Banghart's get Baroned

Speaking of signs (see previous article)

We do not put political signs on our front yard. Never. We said no to neighbors Andrew Baker and Kevin White. No to Chloe Coney. No to Rose Ferlita. It is a long standing policy of the Banghart household. No signs on the yard. Until this election. For Randy Baron we have changed our policy.

Here is one of the two signs we have placed in the right of way of our yard
Interestingly enough this Saturday, as I am pulling out of the driveway and head to New Orleans, I noticed another sign there. Frank Reddick. Hmmm. I did not authorize that. I looked down the street and see Frank Reddick signs all over. I look the other way and see the sign placers. I drive up. Pull the sign out of my truck and give it to one of them without saying a word. Curiously, the next day we notice most of the Reddick signs gone from in front of other homes. They also must have been the victims of Reddick sign hit and run.
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Anonymous said...


Will you be waving signs election day at your new Lutz polling place for Randy??

He will be looking for people to volunteer and do sign waving at key locations.


Anonymous said...

That's in the county isn't it? I don't tend to register the city/county line - it's all Tampa to me!