Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hankering for some pizza and gave them a call. Got a message that they were 'temporarily closed'

Anyone know what's up with that?

Bummer, though, because I really liked their pizza and they are very close to us.

Ah to Cappy's it seems.


IFly said...

I dearly hope that it is only temporary. When I'm in town we get a pizza from there almost every week. Cappy's is good, but we prefer Stephanno's.

Anonymous said...

We ate there on average once a week and we'll miss it if it doesn't reopen. I wonder what's up. Is it the onset of new restaurants in the neighborhood? Maybe there's too many to be supported by the residents.

Anonymous said...

Not too many, more will come and most will survive. I am really saddened if Stephanos is really gone! Loved their food. But not thing competition did it.

Pamela said...

I found out the same way - called & got the message. I hope they reopen!
I like having both Stephano's & Cappy's. I choose my pizza style depending on my mood!


Anonymous said...

I loved Stephano's pizza. Sorry guys but Cappy's can;t hold a candle to the Steph master. If anyone remembers the name of the catering company that Paul(owner of Stepano's) owned please let me know. I am trying to get in touch with and see if we can get his doors open again!!


Anonymous said...

"Affairs to Remember". This is the catering business that Paul of Stephanno's Pizzeria runs. Knollwood and Florida. 236-8293

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks... for the quick response..
I hope I can work something out with him to get the doors back open.


Anonymous said...

Too many restaraunts in Seminole Heights? Uh... we must live in different neighborhoods.

Front Porch Grill.
Taco Bus.

4 = too many?

(I'm not counting fast food, restaraunts that are closed/closing, nor the spanish restaraunts that discourage non-spanish from eating there.)

If someone opens Stephanos back up only as a sit-down restaraunt with patio seating, I'm there. I ate there *daily* when it was Rigos.

Anonymous said...

Never fear my friends

Stephanos is going to opening next month..New menu..seating and a new look. Get ready the best Pizza and Italian food is COMING BACK!!!

Pass the news around we need your support!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanno's Pizzaria and Italian Eatery will reopen at the end of April. Please watch for our grand opening.

We are looking for three to four people that our dependable and take pride in their appearance and their work. Come have fun working with our team at Stephanno's. Please call 813-232-9486 or John Butler at 813-846-6417.

Anthony's Wife said...
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