Thursday, February 08, 2007

Citizens Advisory Committee

With some of the issues regarding some of the city Departments, currently Code Enforcement for example, or Housing under Steve LaBrake under Greco, I sometimes wonder if there should be a Citizens Advisory Committee that could look into issues in various departments and issue recommendations to the Mayor and City Council (and to the media) for changes.


Vox Populi said...

You are singing my song !

It would have to be comprised of REAL citizens. Real ones. Not just the new ones who want everything THEIR way. If not, we'll just have fighting CAC's .. enough of that, already.

Anonymous said...

isn't there something like this now for code as a result of all the bitchin?

Seminole Heights said...

I am thinking of something that City Council creates by ordinance with powers invested in it by City Council to sort of investigate City Departments. The required makeup would include a majority of members as being officers or designated representative from neighborhood associatons plus a several at large members. Maybe each City Council member could appoint 1 or 2. The committe would have some power or sorts, such as maybe a limited subpeona power.

The Code advisory one is City driven. the would be resident driven with power.

Anonymous said...

Vox Populi ... does that mean new residents aren't "real" residents? And what of the "old" residents that want everything their way as well (usually meaning, no changes and no improvements.)

How does one define "new" vx "old" anyway? Do you have to own your home, or can you just rent or co-habitate? Are there any other limits you'd like to place on this?


You know, the hookers, drug dealers, traffic problems, and worst code offenders were all tolerated by the "old" residents. The majority of cleanup came from the new ones. I guess you either see that as a problem or not enough effort to qualify new residents as "real"?

Bungalowlady said...

Code does have a citizens advisory council. In addition it has the SH Zoning Task force. You have representatives on both. For the SH Zoning task force the presidents of each SH neighborhood is on teh Task force except Randy appointed me to fill his slot. So, go complain to your representative if you don't think Code is doing anything in the 'hood.