Monday, February 19, 2007

Time to Meet Randy!

Now that you see Randy Baron has the endorcement of BOTH newspapers, it is time for you to meet him and find out why!

There are two Meet and Greets, right in the hood. Pick one!

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Join Us For A

“Meet and Greet”

Our Neighborhood Candidate
City Council District 1 (City-wide)
Randy Baron
Here is your chance to meet and talk with Randy.
Get the whole story not just media bits & bites

Friday, February 23rd
6:30 – 8:30pm

Your Hosts

Greg Barnhill & Chuck Kaelin
1202 East Clifton Street

Appetizers and Drinks will be Available

Check out his position on the issues at


IFly said...

From Blurbex

Candidates Debate Tonight in Ybor City

Anonymous said...

He is one of the new people whom I hold at bay as not enough information.

Joe Redner is known and honest.

VOTE JOE. And, no, I'm not involved in his campaign but I know randy came out of nowhere, got very involved and that makes me a little nervous. Joe has his time in and he's a known quantity.

Anonymous said...

Joe has time in for what??? A know quantity for running and never getting elected - the only thing I know about Redner is that he owns a strip club and a gym where his hookers, oh sorry, I mean dancers work out.

Has Joe ever been out on hooker patrol - has Joe gone to city council to support the Starbucks rezoning - has Joe ever gone to Cindy Miller's office regarding code issues, the blocked vision for streets on Florida and Nebraska or the right of way (encroachment)issues the neighborhood has had to fight??

If you have paid any attention - Randy has been OSHNA president for two terms now and has had many meetings with the powers that be downtown and has called them to set up meetings regarding isues that affect all of Seminole Heights. If you are not a resident of OSHNA then ask your association president about Randy's efforts for the neighborhood downtown - Sherry and Gary can and will provide evidence that Randy has not just appeared out of nowhere.

If Sherry is willing to host a meet and greet for him then to me that says a lot right there.

Make your vote count and elect someone from the neighborhood that knows the issues that urban neighborhoods face.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon 7:21... I'm voting Joe. His time has certainly come and I beleive with all of his experience dealing with the City from being on the other end fighting he certainly knows how the city operates.
Not to say that Randy is not qualified with city issues, I just don't think it's Randy's time this time around and I live in S.H.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Through his two terms as OSHNA president, Randy has extensive experience with zoning, code enforcement, combatting neighborhood crime, traffic issues, etc. He's made many personal contacts within the city in various offices that deal with all these things. Every month (and sometimes more often) OSHNA deals with request to support variances to code and zoning for garage additions, setbacks, alcohol, etc. This is experience in balancing individual rights and needs with those of the larger community.

On top of that, Randy has a JD, although he no longer practices. So he's educated and experienced in the law.

Redner's experience is based on his ability to open (and keep open) controversial businesses. He's a lightening rod for controversy. He's a diehard believer in property rights over community rights and has spoken out against having laws that enforce zoning. (Because these laws are often used to prevent him from opening stripper clubs.)

If you want a legislator that finds community needs a obstacle and has experience circumventing them, Redner is your out-of-the-box thinker on that one. If you're interested in someone that can forge aliances, create compromise, and balance individual and community interests, Baron is your pick.

Redner is certainly the rebe's choice where Baron might be a bit too responsible and boring. Do we really want a rockstar approach to government?!

Bungalowlady said...

Watch the League of Women's Voters tape on TV, go to Tampa Gold and see Joe on the issues. He is losing it. Joe has always been a fiery speaker. He isn't any more.

Randy, in contrast, is clear in his presentation, doesn't losehis train of thought and has well thought out responses to the questions. I vote for Randy!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oooops, meant "REDNER" BEST MAN