Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crime Lists

The Tribune had this article in todays paper:

"BRANDON - Residents of a local subdivision are using the Internet to keep a step ahead of criminals and help law enforcement catch them.

The Bloomingdale Cove Crime Watch group is sending e-mail to alert residents about recent break-ins, robberies and vandalism. The idea was sparked by a March 2006 attempted robbery in the neighborhood, Crime Watch member Heather O'Connell said. "

So Brandon is catching up with where Seminole Heights was years ago. Every NW Group in Seminole Heights has a list. I am on the mailing lists of at least 3 different Neighborhood Watch Groups in Seminole Heights. These lists crosspost infomation which gets all across Seminole Heights. I am not on Susan Long list from Nothern Seminole Heights, but I get info from that list via Helen Harmon's and Brandon Mount's lists. I also get the info when Sherry Simons posts the info on the SESH email list.

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