Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The dancing cane man

Several times Susan and I have seen the dancing cane man. He is an older guy with a long beard, wearing sweat pants and a cropped t-shirt carrying a cane. We usually see him crossing Nebraska at Hillsborough. As he crosses the street he dances. Literally dances the entire way along the crosswalk

Interesting visual experience. Just another reason why Seminole Heights is interesting.


Anonymous said...

not gonna get that in Lutz!! I have seen him dancig his way across Hillsborough and Fla also.

bloggerwife said...

The really cool thing is, here the dancing man could be a performance artist, he could be mentally ill, or he could just be that happy to be alive!
You're so right that we won't see that in Lutz. We'll have to come back here to get frequent injections of life.

paul said...

No pictures?

Anonymous said...

he cracks me up. I see him on Hills and 15th. I tried to video him but the light changed.