Friday, February 09, 2007

Welcoming to Seminole Heights

I get this email freom Rene Stewart that she has sent to all of the neighborhood leaders

"With your permission I am starting a new committee in Seminole Heights. The Seminole Heights Welcoming Committee. We will welcome new business' and residents to the area with information on the Heights. I am taking helpful suggestions from everyone. Naturally there are some legalities that this committee must follow because of the privicy act, but I'm certain that there won't be to much of a problem. I look forward in helping to make this community a better place and increasing our membership to BGoSH and the neighborhood associations. "

Great Idea. SESH has or had a welcoming committee but I am not sure how well it worked out. I think the idea of a Seminole Heights wide committee is great.

Here are some ideas. Tell newcomer which neighborhood association they belong to, give them coupons from local businesses, get them added to area, email groups, and get pointed to various websites. Tell them they can join the Tampa Bay Federal Credit union if you are member of one of the asssocations? I think Suncoast Fereal Credit union is granting geographic membership. Association newsletters might find it easier to get ads form some of these new businesses.


Anonymous said...

OSHNA tried this. It failed. The vast majority of homes getting the welcome packet hand delivered and hung on their doornob simply threw them away. People are so sick of the constant commercial marketing barage that they routinely toss everything that even looks commercial. (Which a welcoming packet will by its very nature.)

It's a nice idea, though, and certainly an innovative way to reach new customers.

Seminole said...

Thanks for the great ideas Scott and Anon 12:58. I'll definitely try to greet them face to face. I think it's rude to welcome someone with a 10 foot pole.
I didn't know the Tampa Bay Federal Credit union would let us join. Great perk for residents and business'. I'll check into the Suncoast Federal Credit union.
I hope to give them a booklet with calendar, association info, BGoSH info, a list of web sites and emails (no email will go into the booklet without written permission). They may not feel comfortable enough to give out their email address right away but they will have a list of others when they're ready.
There are some committee rules and safeguards that I need to put in place so they feel at ease and safe with our community.
I have a list of other ideas but I want to check with the associations presidents first.
Please keep the ideas flowing.

Bungalowlady said...

Suncoast Schools FCU allows anyone living in SH top join. It's the only bank in OSH and one of only 3 in all of SH.

Maake sure they're aware of this blog, their NW coordinator (if there is one) and as they were told, their appropriate neighborhood assoc.