Monday, February 26, 2007

Alessi's Block Re-Development - FOR SALE

I didn't see this posted previously, so please excuse me if this news is redundant. I just wanted to point out the the property that's been complained about in past postings -- owned by Alessi's and located on the east side of Nebraska Ave. between Louisiana Ave. and New Orleans Ave. -- is for sale for "block re-develiopment." It appears to include the front storage building, the shanty house behind it and the adjacent property to the south of it where unused Allessi lemonade stands are usually parked . That opens a huge chunk of land from just north of Osborne, south to New Orleans Ave. (with the exception of that drive-thru convenience store).

Just imagine all that could be done to improve that stretch of area.


Anonymous said...

Morning Glory Funeral Home is also for sale now. Plenty of opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, Alessi is a pig that has put our neighborhood stagnant for the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Alessi Bakery is waaaay overrated.

We bought an overpriced cake there for our wedding and it sucked.

Amy Gahran said...


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Anonymous said...

Let's see something. With all the realtors in the hood this should be easy. This Ass clown has kept this property looking like crap and I guarantee you this property will be listed double what he paid capitalizing on the hard work of the neighbors. Hope he sits on it for months until he is forced to reduce the price.

Anonymous said...

People in Tampa have known that for years, Alessi is nice to look at, but no good. They were good years and years ago, but someone along the way just lost interest.

brook said...

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