Saturday, March 03, 2007

What's Up With the Library?

The Times had an article about the New Tampa Library.

"Backers of the New Tampa Regional Library received preliminary approval this week for a major expansion that might include a coffee shop and an after-school children's program.

The Hillsborough County Library Board, responsible for setting priorities in its budget, placed the plan among its top three unfunded projects."

This was a library at the bottom of the list.

"The new ranking is a "huge victory," said Said Iravani, who chairs the Committee for the Expansion of the New Tampa Regional Library. "It's like a miracle," Iravani said. "We were at the bottom of the list"
So where is the Seminole Heights Library? According to thid article:

"Currently at the top of the list is expansion of the Seminole Heights library, which, during peak hours, has people waiting outside its doors."

How did the New Tampa Library get moved up?

"In the past year, New Tampa residents have lobbied library leaders to pay attention to their needs. The New Tampa branch is the second busiest in the 25-library system."

So exactly where is the Seminole Heights expansion at?


Anonymous said...

it's just like anything else .....if you don't show up - you don't stay on the list. If it was a concern or a problem then people would have been at the mmetings to complain - we weren't and New Tampa was so they will get their expansion built Wayyyyyy before we do - they care enough to show.

Bungalowlady said...

If you email the Library Board at and ask that your note be read aloud at the next Board meeting you won't have to take a day off to go. The louder we scream the closer to the top of their list we get. Email the board!