Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BGoSH Version of a Porch Party - Y'all Come!


– The Business Guild of Seminole Heights (BGoSH) presents its monthly mixer on Thursday, March 29 at 6:00 p.m. hosted by Tampa Financial Group located at 301 E. Sligh Avenue. The event is free and open to the public. For additional information, contact Brian Wade of Tampa Financial Group at (813) 231.8200.

Want to know more about your business neighbors and what services are in your own backyard? Meet and socialize with an eclectic and diverse group of Seminole Heights professionals, business owners and residents in a friendly, fun, business-casual environment complete with refreshments.

The Business Guild of Seminole Heights is an association of business owners within the boundaries of the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa who are interested in improving the commercial environment in the neighborhood. Ranging from antique dealers to Real Estate Brokers, BGoSH consist of approximately 100 members serving the Seminole Heights community.

Park on the property 8 spaces, across Branch Ave there is an empty building, street parking on Dixon and Branch and across Sligh at the ball field.


Anonymous said...

You can tell by the number of comments here how interested people are in the BGosh Porch Party. Is this a business organization or just another reason to get together and eat? That's what I though...seconds please.

Anonymous said...

Genuine class. Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Are the dreaded awful Car Repair Business owner's invited?

Anonymous said...

Gee, let's see, the invitation says "free and open to the public" i think that includes the "awful Car Repair Business owners". Why don't you let that horse die and quit beating it?

And to Anon 3:40, maybe the number of comments has nothing to do with interesdt in BGosh, but rather that this post really had no angle for discussion. YesterDazed merely posted it for information and invitation.

But, hey, there's always some pitiful bored soul who feels the need to belittle someone or something. Are you tired of kicking you cat today?

FYI, the mixer was pretty well-attended. So yeah, thanks for playing.

Seminole said...

What is BGoSH? Business Guild of Seminole Heights. A group of business owners from all the heights that work together to better our community and each other. There are a lot of great things coming but you'll have to come to a general meeting and find out what's going on.

General meetings - 2nd Thursday of February, May, August and November
Next General meeting: Thursday, May 10, 2007