Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Bungalow Notices Seminole Heights

Getting noticed and getting positive press as a neighborhood requires work. Work by someone. According to a story in today's Tribune Suzanne Prieur did some work that is getting Seminole Heights noticed:

"Since then, she has lobbied American Bungalow to showcase what Tampa has to offer. This week, award-winning photographer Alexander Vertikoff photographed bungalows in Hyde Park, Ybor City and Seminole Heights, including the Prieurs' home.

The photographs and an article might not be published in American Bungalow for a year. But at least some of the photographs will be shown during an April 19 presentation by magazine publisher John Brinkmann. The event, at Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, is sponsored by the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association and the Southeast and South Seminole Heights civic associations.

Suzanne Prieur did some of the early legwork, scouting prospects and contacting homeowners."

"Eric Holsinger, 49, and Mary DeJesus, 42, moved from New Tampa into what neighbors call "the stone house" on Suwanee Avenue in January. Vertikoff photographed the 1913 bungalow's exterior Monday. . . ."

Vertikoff photographed the kitchen and a bedroom at Nikki and Stephen Couture's 1928 bungalow on Thomas Street. . . ."

"Newlyweds Melissa Dean and Kevin Kelly, both 38, did an "undo" on their 1922 bungalow, which Vertikoff also photographed. . . ."

So lets keeping getting Seminole Heights noticed. What magazines and TV/cable shows can you get to feature Seminole Heights?


Suzanne said...

The American Bungalow coverage will be beneficial to our neighborhood and to all of Tampa.

Their presence here was the result of the work of many individuals, as well as the OSHNA board. Greg Barnhill scouted many of the houses and organized the shoot. Doreen DiBona sent Alerts soliciting house photos for me to submit and Helen Harmon and her Advisor crew made sure that the cry went to our hundreds of residents. Homeowners responded with photos of their beautiful homes, reflecting years of care and hard work.

The home tour committee raised the money to produce the upcoming American Bungalow event on April 19. The OSHNA board authorized the expenditure and provided much support. The Preservation Committee can always be counted on to make any event a grand success. Kathy Steele wrote the story, portraying the neighborhood as the warm and beautiful place it is. And, Scott Banghart contributed by posting the article on the blog.

This attention is the result of team work- Seminole Heights style!


Anonymous said...

Wow, first HGTV with the miniMansion, now American Bungalow, look at Seminole Heights go! Congrats and thanks for your hard work.