Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Pete Times Recommends Joe

"...the council needs people who can grasp the big picture. The citywide representative also should have the ability to balance neighborhood needs with the regional role Tampa should play. Miller has failed to demonstrate those qualities in 12 years in office, and there is no reason to believe she will ever do more than occupy space. In citywide District 1, the Times recommends Joe Redner."


Anonymous said...

Hey, Great News !! Hope it doesn't turn out to be the curse as it did for Randy Baron.
(Will the Tpa-Trib do the same?)
Up against Gwen, the endorsement is really a no-brainer.

I sure hope Joe Wins ! He has my Vote!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I think you forgot this part of the endorsement:

"The candidates in this race bring many more weaknesses than strengths to the table, and we recommended neither one of them in the primary election. But voters now have to make a choice between two seriously flawed alternatives..."

Now that's a rousing endorsement if ever I heard one. Bad or worse - your choice!

Anonymous said...

Anyone has to be better than Gwendonothyn Miller.

Anonymous said...

Redner is the better choice by far.
Please Tampa, DO NOT allow this woman to come back after 12 yrs of really not much to brag about. At least give Joe a chance, Gwen has had 12 yrs already, enough is enough of her!

Sam said...

Daniel Ruth, the Tampa Tribune columnist, had some really good comments about it in his column. You can read his column and my comments at The Daniel Ruth Show blog.

Anonymous said...

Hell, Yes, I'm voting for Joe. I'm also going to get my free entry to THE MONS!!! I wonder if they'll tuck Joe's salary into his waistband? Who cares that he makes his money off of girls exposing themselves. Only a few of them turn to drugs.

REMEMBER NO MORE GROWTH....unless it's more strip clubs!!!


Anonymous said...

Vote Joe!
Imagine Joe and the psuedo rev. Scott of the same "body"

How about Charlie and Joe

Or Linda and Joe

People will finally start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

If you guys aren't convinced then how about a little sample? Try for a taste of what awaits you should you vote for JOE.

Maybe your daughters can work for Joe one day? Do you think they get benefits?

Anonymous said...

9:38, lay off the scare stories. They make your side look silly.

Anonymous said...

i'm voting for joe. I thought it over and what joe says makes sense.

as joe said, "a black person can't beat a white person." we don't need black people on city council. we already have one, right? plus, she's illiterate and can't speak. black people shouldn't be elected unless they can talk good.

Anonymous said...

11:42, nice try. But you (like Gwen) left out the part where Joe says "and it's a crying shame. It's a damn shame."

As far as her not being able to "talk good", again nice try but no cigar. Gwen is a former teacher and 12-year council member. As a practicing politician, whose stock in trade is *supposed* to be speaking in front of people, you'd think she would have a better command of the issues than she does.

Her grammar doesn't reflect well on her abilities as a teacher; but it's her utter lack of knowledge of or ideas about what's next for Tampa that disqualify her for any more terms on the City Council. These would both be true no matter *what* color she was.

If you're going to try this kind of low-rent race baiting, you're going to get publicly smacked down. You might want to wait until you actually know what you're doing first.

Anonymous said...

wow, the major argument against joe is that he owns strip clubs...ha...i really haven't heard ANY attacks on his policy...none....i could care less about his strip clubs...what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

this town could use more strip clubs more than it could use more condos that's for sure. a naked women benefits me a lot more than a $500,000 human filing cabinet in the sky

Anonymous said...

You know, all this "needs more strip clubs" talk is really really stupid. You'd almost think it was being spread by goofy anti-Joe political consultant wannabes, or by the "business as usual" crowd hoping to keep the same developer-worshipping rubber stampers in control of the city by dragging in "strip clubs" as a distraction from actual issues that affect people at large.

Anonymous said...

get over the strip club crap and focus on the fact that Redner is the only candidate focused on issues and educated on policy

Anonymous said...

And the major argument _for_ Joe is that we've elected other nut-jobs to the council and it'll be fun to watch them clash.

As a city, we should really be ashamed of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I find it really interesting that so many people conduct character assassinations on those elected to our highest ranking political offices. However, when it comes to local political candidates, people don't give a shit about a candidate's moral fiber. Case in point - Kevin White and Joe Redner.

When are people going to wake up and realize that change for the sake of change is not a valid reason to vote for Joe? Look at who he is, how he makes his money, and don't allow yourself to be "snowed" by his political buzz words.

IFly said...

I don't know historical turnout numbers, but, in recent time, Anon@10:27 the "we" you speak of electing anyone is but a small portion of the people living within a district or the city at large. A silent majority shall invariably be governed by the vocal few. Our voice is heard at the polls if nowhere else. Speak up and vote. Otherwise submit to the whims of those who do.

Anonymous said...

I'm (also) Anon@10:27. I vote in every election. So inasfar as that goes, I've earned the right to bitch. ;-)

And yeah, "we", because not voting is a vote for letting your neighbor decide for you. Apathy is a choice.

If you ever get the chance to speak with Randy Baron about his run for office, you might consider asking him about how he was treated by the Sentinal press. There are always two (or more) sides to any story, of course, but it is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

To Keep Circus Off City Council Pick Miller

Published: Mar 19, 2007, Tampa Tribune

District 1
In this citywide race, incumbent Gwen Miller faces Joe Redner, the flamboyant millionaire strip club owner.

Miller has served on council for 12 years, two terms representing east Tampa and one term representing all city neighborhoods.

Miller rarely takes a lead on an issue, but she's done a respectable job and her voting record is solid. She doesn't grandstand, is concerned about the welfare of all neighborhoods and has the courage to take controversial stands, such as a new stormwater fee, that best serve the city's long-term interests.

Redner is in his seventh race for public office and speaks knowledgeably about the need for mass transit, protecting the environment and cutting property taxes. But it is impossible to ignore his past or his enterprise, especially when he pulls such a sleazy stunt as offering free admission to his strip club for anyone who presents an "I voted" sticker.

Redner has sued the city numerous times, mostly about its restrictions on adult businesses. Two years ago, he declared he was gay so that he could sue the county for not recognizing gay pride events. One can only imagine the kind of circus Redner would create on the council.

In District 1, the Tribune endorses Gwen Miller.

Anonymous said...

I say, bring out the clowns and cotton candy and let's have that circus with Joe Redner as the Ring-Leader! VOTE JOE REDNER - Don't be alarmed Tampa.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a quick unofficial poll for fun – and NO CHEATING.

Respond back and post with a Yea or Nay on your Joe Redner Vote.

Post only one time and be honest just for the sake of curiosity.
Are you in?
We can start with my Count.

YEA- REDNER. (that's one so far)

Anonymous said...

Yea Redner

Anonymous said...

Yep, Redner.

Anonymous said...

Of course Redner.
When Shrub came to town and they set up the Orwellian newspeak "Free Speech Zone" Redner had the balls to say everywhere is a "Free Speech Zone" and he wasn't going to be locked behind a fence like a monkey, and went to jail to prove it. I can't remember if Shrub as been back since.
That just one of my "Incentiveses" to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

i think redner is a great candidate...this is one of the few times that I have been happy, proud and confident to vote for soomeone.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Redner here too !