Friday, March 30, 2007

Hot Cooks

I noticed that Steve Otto's Chili Cook off is being held this weekend at Channelside. It made me wonder if any of Seminole Heights' famous chili chefs were entering in this competition. Surely, some of those mouth watering, steam producing recipes must be worthy of consideration. Better yet, why not enter as a Seminole Heights Team. Pour all that talent and creativity into one pot!


Mal Carne said...

Was going to. Got bogged down in an endless project and forgot about it until yesterday. Will definitely be taking some time off tomorrow to see what the competition is like.

Seminole said...

Mal, I guess you missed that one, but have a great time and taste the competitions work.

Don't forget we'll need you for the grill off if anyone is still interested.

Seminole said...

Oh! What about Sherry, didn't she win the chili cook off a few months ago? Sheeerrry, are you entered and didn't tell anyone?