Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mal Carne Follows Up. And Follows Up. And Follows Up. On the transfer station.

Mal Carne uses the City of Tampa message system to ask Solid Waste questions about the proposed dump -- I mean transfer station - in Seminole Heights.

He gets a bit of a run around trying to get an answer. He sent his first message on January 26. After a bunch of back and forth, the final response was March 22. The Customer Service Respresentative, Solid Waste - was not on the ball. You need to read his whole blog article to see the silliness he had to put up with.

Here are his questions (in bold) and answers from David McClary.

"Hello Mr. Baker, Per your request to answer your concerns.

1)What means were used to arrive at at the decision that this plan being the most effective solution to the illegal dumping problem in East Tampa?
The number of illegal dumpsites in East Tampa is a major consideration. Also, City property search with 4 acres or more is required for this type of site.

2)What environmental impact studies have been performed on this plot of land so close to the river? We are following EPA guidelines. This location is not directly on the river and will have no impact.

3)Who (being public or private entities) has been hired to perform surveys, draw up site plans, or design any multimedia presentations and were these put out for public bid? Our record of engineer for our McKay Bay Facility.

4)What is the proposed total expenditure for this project and will the contracting be put out for public bid? Undetermined at this time. Location is an important factor.

5)Seminole Heights is a neighborhood screaming for traffic calming. What infrastructure improvements are being planned for the additional traffic that this plan will generate? Unable to answer at this time.

6)Should this plan be unsuccessful, what contingencies are in place to take the next step (eg; improve McKay Bay, increase large item residential collection, etc)? Unable to answer at this time."


Anonymous said...

Wow Mal, this is great. I want to personally thank-you for pursuing this important issue as you obviously have. I recall you were really "ragged" on badly at the beginning by some folks for taking it upon yourself to inform those neighbors that were effected the nearest to this dump project. I was at that initial meeting and was sure if you hadn't taken your time with your flyers, a lot of folks wouldn't have shown up that night. Although I don’t live near Sligh Ave, I do live in S.H. and want to say Thank-You and keep up the dogging. I agree that something smells with this project and you might just be the dog to sniff it out. Good Luck and thanks again for trying to get Real Answers!

Anonymous said...

I think you might be confusing Rick F. with Mal Carne.

Anonymous said...

Yes 1:18 you are correct, my mistake.
Still, a thank-you shout-out to both gentlemen for their efforts so here is to you Rick F. & Mal C.

Anonymous said...

Question #7-- On a stink factor of 1 to 10 ( 10 being smells like 10 hells), what should we expect on a nice humid hot day???

Mal Carne said...

I'm pretty sure that the answer to your question is "unable to answer at this time"

Anonymous said...

I believe that the city dude said that garbage was not going to be accepted at this location. That's what he said at the OSHNA meeting anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think the reason Rick F. was "ragged" on was the way he "trashed" the neighborhood association. Seemed out of line to me.

Anonymous said...

If Rick F. critics took the time to actually get to know him, a few might actually change their opinions of him.

I am glad he was willing to be shrill about the transfer station. Someone needed to be! It appears like OSH gained a lot of new members as a result. It was the best attended meeting in years as a result. Not OSHNA's effort but the effort of someone "trashing" the association.

It is awesome that Mal Carne has been pursuing the issue with the city.

It is great that some Seminole Crest neighbors have become involved.

Rick F. has supported the neighborhood association and Seminole Heights long before many of us moved here. Who encourages people to join or pays for memberships of new neighbors to an organization they don't believe in?

peace in the n'hood

Anonymous said...

You could have motivated people to show up without trashing the neighborhood association. You were removed as president long ago because of this type of behavior. You obviously haven't grown up much since then.

The poopinator said...

Look whos talking?
Im an innocent bystander and I would have to side with Rick on this one.
You are acting like a coke addicted tranny prostitute.
The man is trying to de-poop OSH and here you go and try and hurt his efforts..
Why dont you get off the toilet seat and go do something productive instead of picking on Rick.
You have crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

How can poop depoop?

Anonymous said...

With a scoop?

Mal Carne said...

I was trying to take the high road in pursuing these questions. Unfortunately, 2 months later they have been dodged again with all of the skill and grace that was demonstrated at the January meeting.
Does anyone out there have an understanding of how the Sunshine Laws apply to a citizen gathering any and all documents that the city has on this issue? If so, please let me know, I'm not at all ready to let this die.

Anonymous said...

Here's a guide:

As someone who has used this, be aware that you have to know what documents to request, which is hard to know unless you are involved in the process. In this case, you want to know if any plans have been submitted for review.

Here's a guess, but you could ask them for any communication with CSX with regard to this matter. If they're going to cross the tracks, which might allow them to not have to get approval from the neighborhood, they'll have to get approvals and cost estimates.

Do you live in this area?

Anonymous said...


Seminole said...

I thought you'd like to see this.

1/26/2007 9:00 AM Message Submitted

Renee Stewart
First Name: Renee
Last Name: Stewart
Business Name: Skye
Daytime Phone: 813-892-4072
Fax: 813-234-8133
Street: E. Lambright St.
ZIP / Postal Code: 33604
City: Tampa
State / Province: FL
Country: United States

Service Type: Parks and Recreation

Subject: 22nd St. Park (North of Sligh)

Message: This would be a wonderful park for so many things. If it were cleaned up and named what a great place to take the kids and dogs for a picnic. We need more neighborhood parks in the city to help bring neighbors together as friends. The more neighbors know about each other the better the neighborhood watch. Please concider this as a park and not a "Neighborhood Drop Off Site". Thank you for your time.


1/26/2007 9:23 AM Message Read

Office Support Specialist IV, Parks and Recreation


1/26/2007 3:35 PM Message Read via TampaGov


3/7/2007 2:27 PM Assigned

Office Support Specialist II, Parks and Recreation
Email was directed to:
Lanscape Architect III, Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Superintendent, Parks and Recreation

Message: Ms. Stewart,

I am forwarding your inquiry to the Parks and Recreation Planning and Design Division for their response on whether this area can be utilized as a park.

Thank you for using the Customer Service Center.

Lou Grant, Office Support Specialist


3/7/2007 5:07 PM Message Read

Lanscape Architect III, Parks and Recreation


3/26/2007 11:45 AM Closed

Office Support Specialist II, Parks and Recreation
Email was directed to:
Renee Stewart (Requestor)

Other Actions:
- Message status changed to Closed
- MyTampaGov transaction record created

Message: Dear Renee,
The Parks and Recreation Department agrees that this site would make a great neighborhood park. We will be working with the community in the next year to develop a master plan for the site. This will help us determine the community needs and funding needed for improvements. We would then look at requesting funding the following year.

Karla Price
Landscape Architect
City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Dept.


3/26/2007 4:05 PM Message Read via TampaGov


Mal Carne said...

Great news, Renee

Greg said...

Damn.........that was too easy - what's up with that??? Maybe they consider taking your children to the drop off center as a day in the park! Isn't that what was mentioned by the city at the neighborhood meeting?

Renee let us know how that goes. I will advise the OSHNA board so that we can keep the parks dept moving in the right direction.