Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peeks at Redner and Miller by the Tribune

The Trib wrote two in depth articles on Redner and Miller, getting us

'Quiet' Miller Elicits Praise, Opposition


Redner Seeks Fulfillment Of Life Search

Here are some exceprts:


But when pressed to show results from her 12 years on the council, Miller can't think of a single ordinance she has proposed. She says she has secured money for recreation centers and parks, as have other council members.

Other accomplishments she lists are, by most accounts, matters in which she played only a supporting role."


"In an interview, Miller was asked to list the ordinances she has proposed during her 12-year tenure.

"I don't remember now," she said, looking to her husband for help. "I know I did one."

Miller has cleaned up lots in east Tampa and meets with Southeast Seminole Heights residents to discuss crime problems."

Is that so? I don't remember that occurring in the 7 years I lived in Southeast Seminole Heights. Perhaps I did not attend that meeting. In fact I felt we were ignored by Gwen Miller when she represented District 5, the City Council District SE Seminole Heights is in. Except for election time.

Here is an interesting comment by one of the big players in East Tampa NEw Watch

"Queen Miller, no relation, is an east Tampa resident who has known Miller for years. She said Miller was involved in neighborhood crime watches.

Beyond that, Queen Miller said: "I don't know what she does. I know she's not outspoken about certain things when I'd be running my mouth.""

and also

Another constituent, Gladys Jackson, said Miller helped close a prostitution house and helped secure more police officers in Rainbow Heights.

"Those are the biggest things," said Jackson, president of the Rainbow Heights crime watch group. "She did enough, but there's always room for improvement and getting involved in the community."

Someone is saying this about a 12 year City Council veteran. I don't hear anyone saying that about any of the other City Council members.


"I want to be accepted," Redner said. "I want to be loved. I want to be right. And I want to do things for the world."


"He cleaned up and put his life on track. He quit smoking, drinking and drugs. He stopped eating meat. Then he stopped eating cooked vegetables. Then he eliminated eggs, fish and dairy products from his diet.
He opened a gym on South Howard Avenue, where he rides the stationary bike then lifts weights for at least an hour a day. He makes a fruit shake for breakfast and eats lunch at Sweet Tomatoes every day"


"I said I was gay to get standing," Redner said. "I am gay. I'm going to be black; I'm going to be Jewish; I'm going to be a woman; I'm going to be gay if I can do something about it by becoming one."

Redner believes in the judicial system, convinced that justice ultimately prevails. His favorite TV show is "Law & Order." "


"He lives in the home with his brother, who has Parkinson's disease. Redner is the caretaker."

I like Redner. I like people who shake things up. I am not sure I am comfortable with his adult entertaintment businesses. Reading this story I see someone who has seen a lot and grown.

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