Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The election returns show we will have a runoff between Redner and Miller. I predict Redner will win the runoff. City Council will get more interesting. (Side Note: Joe Redner is a member of BGOSH)

Rick Barcena
Randy ''Red'' Baron
Denise Chavez
Julie Jenkins
Gwendolyn ''Gwen'' Miller
Joe Redner


Mary Mulhern beat Shawn Harrison. This is good I think for Seminole Heights. This also gets the Creative Loafing folks an in.
Shawn Harrison
Mary Mulhern


Dingfelder holds his seat by a good margin.
Julie Brown
Joseph V. Citro
John Dingfelder


No surprise. Homophobic Scott wins.
Lynette ''Tracee'' Judge
Frank A. Reddick
Thomas Scott


Charlie Miranda wins. He is a good guy and will be good to Seminole Heights.
Charlie Miranda
Lisa Tamargo


The New Tampa folks are in a runoff also. I guess White Chocolate was not tasty enough.

Joseph P. Caetano
Frank J. Margarella
Charles ''Charlie'' Perkins


Oh and by the way. Iorio won. Almost 80%. - No surprise. Marion was not a serious candidate.

Aria Ray Green
Pam Iorio
Marion Serious Lewis



Mike Merino said...

Allw me to bith for a brief moment:
By far, Randy Baron was the absolute best candidate.
All one had to do was to watch the League of Women Voters forum shown on TV.
He was the only candidate that really understands the issues and could make a real difference.
I am truly sorry that the few people that voted just voted for...............
You know, I don`t really know what people are thinking these days?
Randy, be proud, you are still # 1 in seminole Heights

Your Supporter
Mike Merino

Anonymous said...

Randy's a chump, the voters said so.

Dead last beeatch.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Joe Redner instead of Randy. Let me tell you why I did so and why I'm going to do it again.

Joe is different. I don't necessarily agree with him about everything but I do think he has a vision and I do think he can enact change. As I have said in comments in other places on this site, my disenfranchisement with politics has led me to vote more for people who will stand up vs. "stand for" things. I want to see passion and the willingness to make things happen. Plus, Joe really is a genuinely interested policy person. He is more than strip clubs.

Now, the reason why I voted for him in this election instead of Randy is that I felt momentum for Redner in the last election carrying over to this election. I think this might be his last real shot to win a seat. The last chance to inject an interesting voice into Tampa politics at a time it is critically needed.

Please vote for Joe in the upcoming run-off.

Bungalowlady said...

For years Central Tampa (read Seminole Heights) has complained that we do not get the funds or attention that other parts of the city get. As a neighborhood activist I have complained that redevelopment funds surround us but we are left out. I have been told by people in So. Tampa that there is no reason for us to vote because So. Tampa controls the elections. I have always gotten angry at those things. Today understand.

The turnout citywide for this election was about 16%. The turnout in Seminole Heights was considerably less. Regardless of your candidate, you should have voted. Our polling places were empty. Even our large precincts were empty. I stopped and asked many people if they had voted (note I didn't ask WHO they were supporting only if they had voted) Most of them didn't know there was even an election. Many of them didn't know where they were supposed to go to vote.

Our neighborhoods ARE affected by whether or not we vote. City Council knows who keeps them in office. They see who votes and who does not. They listen harder to those who vote. WE DON'T VOTE! Why should they listen. Obviously we don't care what happens.

Forgive me if you are one of those who does vote. You are one of those who should be thanked. However, you are in the vast minority in our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Oh... now I have to pick between Gwen "do nothing" Miller and Joe "A Strip Club in every Pot" Redner.

If the first rule of voting is "do no harm"... I guess I'm going to serve a large plate of Crow and grudgingly vote for Do-Nothing Gwen.

Anonymous said...

Remember also that Redner has come out *against* the entire concept of zoning and permitting. (no surprise there) That means he's against historic districts or any other laws that restrict property owners from doing controversial things with their property.

If you think Florida Ave is bad now... just wait.

Anonymous said...

So much for the power of a Times and Tribune endorsement.

Jeff said...


After a disappointing result for many of us in SH and Central Tampa, now we're faced with the prospect of choosing between Gwen Miller and Joe Redner. On one hand, Gwen does nothing and, according to the Trib, shows little curiosity in the issues. On the other, we have Joe Redner, who has been a symbol for the last 6 elections of voter frustration with the "machine". Joe sounds good, I'll admit, and you might be enticed to vote for him. Before you do, just consider what this will mean.

Joe won't be that crazy ranting guy that you see one Public Access, he'll be on city council. He'll be part of the machine that he professes to hate. People should stop and think about it.

1. Joe isn't the "little" guy. He has a lot of money which he uses to fund his political machine. When he decries the influence of developer's dollars, it's not the influence of money or publicity he's against.

2. Joe has political views but he isn't a politician. He is someone who has a view on everything, some very passionate. Are people prepared for his using the city council seat to express his views on the legitimacy of Hezbollah?

3. In a debate last year, Joe resorted to calling the opposition "fatboy" repeatedly because that person called him a liar. http://www.tampabays10.com/video/news/?aid=31058&sid=36939 Watch the video and see how he responds under pressure.

4. Joe wants desperately to be elected...to anything. He's run 7 campaigns for every single office in Hillsborough. Is this the sign of a serious politician? Or someone searching for the limelight. If Joe wants change, could he not affect it by supporting someone else?

5. Joe wasn't even serious about this campaign. His slogan, Growth must pay for itself, was more appropriate for a County Commission election, where impact fees are still below City fees.

6. In fact, Joe never really got into politics until his strip clubs were attacked by ordinances. In polls, people have expressed the desire to see the strip clubs reigned in to the extent of the law. Does anyone think Joe agrees with that?

7. Worst of all, Joe gains most of his money through his strip clubs, which he will not admit how much money that is. For a city that is struggling with its urban reputation, how serious will we look electing someone whose dancers sometimes end up on our streets, drug-addicted and prostitutes. Even his daughter and his ex-wife have been arrested. I don't begrudge him his line of work but neither do I have to ignore the exploitative nature of his business.

It's in his nature to exploit others, whether he likes it or not. He's now been quoted as saying that Gwen can't beat him because she's black and he's white, that racism will carry him to victory. He decries that fact but is wholly willing to profit from him. (http://tampa.creativeloafing.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A203202)

If people are looking for change, were there not candidates in the election who could have been more effective? Couldn't he have supported Randy? Does he know anything about Randy Baron? Unlike Randy, Joe has never appeared before city council or worked with the city, he's always either suing the city or county or railing on public access. Joe talks a good game but he lacks the knowledge of the details that would make an effective representative. Since he has always been satisfied with the populist, anti-establishment, counter culture rant, who thinks he will dig into the details now?

This is a critical time for our city and especially our urban neighborhoods. I know Gwen has done very little but that's better than throwing a monkey wrench into the works, no matter how appealing that seems at the time.

Jeff Harmon



This is a rebuttal:

1. True Joe has money, but if you take the time to look at the campaign reports online you'll notice that Joe spent LESS than any other candidate in the district 1 race, including Randy Baron who came in last. Far less than the $58,000 that Gwen Miller spent to get her whopping 27% of the vote.

2. What's refreshing about Joe is that he is NOT a career politician. He's blunt, to the point, and he can't be bought. Every person in politics has opinions on issues outside of their influence. Joe is no different. For you to assume he will bring them up on the council is selling him short.

3. Joe has apologized for the remark and was embarrassed by it. It was a heated debate and the guy was making baseless persoanl insults. The guy eventually threw a chair at Joe if that's any indication of the level of discourse.

4. This is a sign of someone who is not a quitter and who is fed up with the direction that city government has gone. This is a man who studies the issues and is determined to make a difference.

5. Joe was serious about the campaign, as the results indicate. He's message oriented and that's why "growth must pay for itself" was featured more prominently than his name."

6. True, Joe didnt run for office prior to his legal entanglements, but that is exactly the experience that educated him on policy and law. The adult industry IS regulated to the fullest extent of the law and Joe wouldnt have it any other way.

7. This is your own personal bias.

Joe is hands down the best candidate for the job. We all know Gwen Miller's record on her 12 years on the Council. Joe is a fresh and honest voice and he is the best choice for Tampa. He deserves your vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree with concerned voter. This is Joe Redner's election to win. Give Joe a chance, and if you don't think he made any positive difference, then vote him out next time around. One thing is for sure, he isn't going to let anybody on the council get away with something without calling them out on it. Vote Joe Redner!

shrekswife said...

Well, I can guarantee that the winner of this run-off will certainly be whoever South Tampa's majority votes for. It damn sure won't be who Greater Seminole Heights votes for!

We have a lot of armchair quarterbacks here in the n'hood who are just too freaking lazy to go to the polls (what can it be, 1 mile?) to vote. Greater Seminole Heights had truly crappy voter turnout and this is probably the most disgusted I've ever been with this n'hood in all the years I've lived here.

Here's a thought .... next time any of you decide to post your bitching on this blog about the way our city works (or doesn't work), before you go on your rant, please specify if you voted or not. That way, if you didn't vote, I (and hopefully others) can just IGNORE your worthless belly-aching.

And to those of you that took that whole 5 minutes out of your day to vote, THANK YOU for at least attempting to make a difference!!

IFly said...

I will vote for Joe. The way I see it is he is the better alternative of a less-than-ideal choice. The council is small enough that a single, cooperative individual willing to work can make real change. Yet it's still large enough that no single individual can cause too much havoc if they try to thrust forth ideas that are too hard to swallow. I think we need to send the message that if you are on the council and do nothing such as Gwen Miller, that you can be ousted even by a "porn king." If Joe is really that bad it will be easy enough to rally support to get him out next term just by rousing folks from the churches in town. Would I prefer a different set of choices? Absoulutely, but given the choices I think one term for Joe is the lesser of two evils.

Seminole said...

I agree with Mike Merino. The city doesn't have Randy but we do and I'm proud to know him.

Randy, I hope this this means you'll still be our president?

Anonymous said...

I voted for Joe & so did my husband and we live in O.S.H.
I agree with the other posters who support Joe - this is his time.
He really can't do worse than "Do-Nothing-Career-Pol-Gwen" so as was previously said, give him a chance.
I have been the poster pitching VOTE JOE REDNER-THE BEST CANIDATE for the last month here and I'm very pleased a lot of voters agreed. Way to Go Voters (small amount that there was) for not going along with the Pro-Randy- Posse (or Tpa-Trib & St. Pete Times). I found especially interesting that The Red Baron came in dead last. Oh My....
Again, VOTE JOE REDNER !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't vote for any business owner who can't stop the illegal activites occuring in his business. (drugs and prostitution)

When the dancers can't dance anymore where do they end up?
Nebraska ave.

Elect someone who hasn't been arrested and hasn't sued the gov.

Come on do you really want the Lap Dance King to be on city council?

The Voice of Reason said...

You have to have the mind of a juvenile to think Joe will be of any use to this city. His strip clubs have done nothing for the city. Also, he's never done a damn thing for Central Tampa. He's had plenty of opportunity to get involved but all he wants to do is get elected so he can plaster his face on the TV. How serious is this city if it elects a strip club owner. Gwen may be an idiot but she hasn't hurt this city like Joe. Has she been arrested for posession of cocaine? Do her employees end up with needles in their arms turning tricks on Nebraska. Grow up, people.

Anonymous said...

i think people need to stop worrying about the lap dance aspect of joe redner - it is a dividing portion of his personality and not very important for the evaluation of him as a potential council member. I want someone to call idiots "fatboy"...i want a little raucous injected into local politics - we need it! we need our voters to get involved, to feel empassioned. Joe has this - he does this. I'm ready to give him a go at it and see what happens. He is smart, thoughtful and tolerant plus he's willing to go at people and not kiss ass. That's what I've been waiting for in a "politician". This ain't the frickin senate, this is local politics.

DriveByBlogger said...

Congratulations Voice you've been nominated!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one of the reason that South Tampa is so much more ahead of SH come election time. This weekend, we spent Saturday and Sunday in South Tampa. Each day, almost every corner had at least 20 people on the corner waving signs, etc. It wasn't just one corner, it was every corner. I have never seen a polititian on our street corners, I have never seen their people on our corners.

Now to answer the main topic of Joe. I voted for Randy on Tuesday. However, I will not vote for Joe. I have attended city council meetings on numerous occasions. Our leaders now for the most part all do nothing. The fact that Shawn Harrison got ousted shows how more people are getting tired of doing nothing. How many times have our neighbors attended city council meetings regarding code enforcement, yet not one thing has changed.

Tampa was named again as one of the dirtiest cities in america. Don't you think someone would get embarassed by this and do something, yet they do nothing. I think that Joe will bring a normal voice that is tired of city BS. As a business owner, I think he will bring a voice for other small business that are struggling to succeed. Gwen has done nothing but take up space. Let's at least put change in motion. Like the earlier poster mentioned. Worst case we can vote him out next election.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty funny that Randy came in dead last.
He is a chump.
I would rather see the king of booty (as much as I dont like him) on the council than to listen to someone tell half truths.
You cant win an election if you are arrogant.
Let that be a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Shawn got thrown out. He has catered to North Tampa in a destructive way. Pulling valuable dollars from Tampa to fund New Tampa projects that should have been funded by developers that are making millions on continuing the sprawl. Maybe Mary will be tougher on controlling growth.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for this election. New voices, new faces and hopefully new ideas. I remember 4 years ago when we heard council and our new mayor talk about change and improving Tampa and our neighborhoods. What has changed in the last 4 years?

We still don't have our park, most parks throughout the city are in huge need of repair. Tampa streets are almost impassable. Downtown Tampa has more boarded up buildings that New Orleans, Tampa code enforcement has accomplished nothing in 4 years, the anti litter campaign that was discussed during the last election has yet to be launched. Tampa transit system is archaic. How many minutes did you waste over the past four years waiting at a traffic light with no oncoming cars. Yet, gas goes up and the lights being installed are still antiques. When will these leaders step up and take charge, insist on better products, more attention from the state level, are they not elected to serve our best interest?

Anonymous said...

Was that one of his strungout dancers that ran the guy down on hanna by the elementary school? Or was she an employee of some other fine establishment.Was that his exwife and daughter who was arrested for hooking on nebraska?
Do you think he cares about SH?
You can't be that stupid!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24 ...

We have some of the lowest taxes in the Union. Are you willing to raise your taxes to pay for all new streetlights? All the right-of-way purchases for a new mass transit system?

Or are you one of the typical new breed of Republicans that chant "lower taxes" and "spend! spend! spend!" ???

Anonymous said...

Say NO to JOE

Don't vote for Joe because you're tired of seeing him run.

Don't vote for Joe because someone said he'll be good for the city. He's been bad for it so far. Just ask the people around the Mons Venus. They gave a resounding NO to JOE.

Don't be swayed by the persistent adolescents who think it would be cool to have Redner on the council. Notice how none of them will sign their names to any endorsement of Joe.

Don't think Joe is up on the issues. He's never written a policy in his life. Once on council, you have to do more than sound good.


Jeff said...

I just wanted to post a note about Gwen Miller.

It's not entirely true that she has done nothing for SH. About 5 years ago when our streets were filled with drug dealers, johns & prostitutes (some supplied by the strip clubs in Tampa), we called and wrote to many of the politicians in Tampa. At the time, Joe Redner was fighting city zoning so he could put strip clubs in Ybor.

Gwen Miller was one of the few people who responded to us. In fact, Gwen came out and rode along with us during one of our crime watch patrols at night, until 1 in the morning. She wrote letters to the Chief of Police and the Mayor asking for increased presence in our neighborhood. At her own suggestion, she had the ATM company turn off their machine at Publix after 11 pm to cut down on its use for drugs and prostitution. She continued to keep in touch with us.

Bob Henriquez, our state rep, also came out one night.

In my opinion, a lot of this is blown out of proportion. I have been just as guilty as others of making Gwen the scapegoat for inactivity in Central Tampa. There has been a serious lack of vision but in actuality, every single member on council is guilty of this. Gwen is the only one I can remember even knowing where we are. She at least helped that one time.

Yes, she missed the budget meeting and has been guilty of inattention to details. But, this is what a part-time city council will give you. I've found all the city council members, including Linda, to be pretty uninformed on the issues.

I'm voting for Gwen. Please consider her for what will be her last term.

Jeff Harmon
Seminole Heights Resident since 1998

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Joe Redner.

Don't let your fastidiousness and prissy delicateness keep you from bringing on board someone who has actually *thought* about city issues and has good ideas about what to do about them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Don't be a girly-man! Vote for Strip clubs in Ybor!


Woohoo... yeah baby! Only "prissy delicate" men vote for other Gwen.


If I had a beer can I'd crush it against my forehead right now!


Anonymous said...

To the poster who said they've never seen a politician stand on one of our corners campaigning-I saw Marian Lewis on a Friday afternoon at the corner of Nebraska and Hillsborough maybe two weeks ago. And during the gubernatiorial/senate race last fall I saw a few candidates in and around the area.

Anonymous said...

I heard Joe on the radio this morning state that he would not vote on any issue concerning adult businesses. He would state opinion, but abstain from voting.
Guess that takes the self-serving aspect off the table.

Anonymous said...

I also heard Joe say he would never tell how much cash he gets from his strip clubs but that it was a lot. So much for being an open politician.

He's a clown.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:26 says:

"I heard Joe on the radio this morning state that he would not vote on any issue concerning adult businesses."

I find this VERY hard to believe. "Any issue" is far too broad. He probably means those cases that come before the council that directly involve an adult business. Otherwise, any vote on changing or improving rules on code enfocement, zoning, etc "concern adult businesses."

He doesn't need to vote for Joe Blow to open Blow's Stripperama. He only needs to vote to change zoning rules in a way that would make it easier to open or more difficult to close a Stripperama.

Or he can vote for laws that make it more difficult to open new clubs and thus protect his business from future competitors.

There's a lot he can do to affect the adult businesses he owns while still abstaining from voting on specific adult business issues.

Remember the sex club on Nebraska? What if Redner had change code enforcement rules such that it was harder or impossible to close?

Anonymous said...

12:26, he's one of seven members on the council. I doubt he could bring a majority along with him even if he were inclined to try and change those code enforcement rules, or do any of the other "oogie boogie" scare stories you're peddling.

Anonymous said...

To bad Randy lost coming in last but on the brighter side... at least he came out a winner and is allowed to now patronize The Front Porch Restaurant.
How was the pizza Tues night over there? Hard to swallow?

Anonymous said...

I peddled "oogie boogie" stories about Kevin White's illegal activities. I was ignored. He was elected. Now we have an elected official being investigated for illegally spending election donations. Maybe would could have voted for someone a bit more trustworthy and ethical?

My prediction: Redner will get elected. He'll stir the pot, create havoc, slow down city business, and accomplish little else. He's likely looking to run for something better than councilperson. Meanwhile, electing Gwen will have turned out, in hindsight, to be the more pragmatic decision. She's term limited after this last term and that means her seat would be available to a better person with the right goals and not just a vendetta.

If we elect Redner, we deserve whatever mischief befalls us.

Anonymous said...

So Tom Scott, and Charles Miranda won there districts. I believe if Joe gets elected over Gwen in the run off I bet that Joe would rattle both there nerves. Tom Scott voted in favor of the Gay Pride ban and left the room at County Commissions meetings whenever Joe spoke. And I know that Charles Miranda can not stand Joe for his strip clubs ie..the 6 foot rule. God I hope Joe wins! I love drama.


RMT said...

Joe Redner's political views make sense to me.
Sincerely believe he can be trusted and will act in the best interest of residents/neighborhoods.
Why wouldn't we want a smart businessman who can't be bought and has common sense ideas about priorities for Tampa??

Anonymous said...

Yea, but if he screws with code laws hes going to find himself back in the strip clubs.
I hate dirty houses.
And I dont care for strip clubs in Sesh.

Anonymous said...

And you're going to do what?
Have him defeated the same way you got Randy elected?
The groups that comprise SH are....now what's word.... there's probably one on the tip of your tongue, the word that means ‘limp dick'

Anonymous said...

Heard 3rd party that Gwenn has contacted Julie Jenkins 3 times in the last 2 days as well as a few calls from Democratic party leadership. The gist - back Gwenn if you ever want help from the party in the future.

So much for a non-partisan election.

Anonymous said...

The arguments against Joe are red herrings. Joe will be one of 7 members. He will not be the Mayor. I don't hear the loud cries that the ethically challenged homophobe was elected to Council from district 5. Joe could be a good counter weight.
Not all of the employees at Joe's club are strung out on drugs. Home many of his dancers are selling their assets on neighborhood streets?
On the otherside, Joe cleaned up and improved the area on Kennedy when he bought Rene's (a former gay bar)...no more hustlers and trans prostitutes. I don't see prostitutes strolling in front of Mons Venus.

Joe has a better understanding than most of issues facing this city. Joe's legal struggles with the city goes back more than 20 years.
Give the man credit, he got his voting rights back and has tried to work within the system. For that he is wrong????

As to running for office 7 times. How many offices did Mary Mulhern run for? How many offices did Mark Sharpe run for? And they didn't have the baggage perceptions that Joe has had to overcome. And why is there never a mention of Joe's "respectable" businesses.

I first met Joe in 1985 and over the years my view of him had improved. Improved to the point that I will be voting on March 27th.

If the best that can be offered in the defense of the incumbant is that she wrote a few letters and rode on a hooker patrol once....she has hardly earned the more than $325,000 plus benefits that she has cost Tampa taxpayers over the past 12 years.


Anonymous said...

Look out Tampa! We're about to turn our City Council into a reality TV show.

Too bad Jerry Springer isn't running for the council... but Joe will do.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Well Said R.F. - Our household is voting for Joe Redner just as we did on Tues.
I really believe he is gonna Win !

Anonymous said...

since 1985, your supposed to get smarter as you age. His current dancers aren't working our streets. I'ts not untill they are strungout and can't dance anymore that they end up working on our streets.

why would you want someone who can't stop the illegal activity in his own business to hold public office? It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, heaven forbid we vote for Joe! Let's keep a do nothing, mumble mouth leading our council (can anyone understand a word she says) Or let's let a mayor that does absolutly nothing to benefit our city--but build a multi million dollar park on the river for the homeless, have their way with our tax dollars.

No thank you. Joe, put them in line. You have our votes.

Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise me that RF is voting for Joe. Anything to make a stink. Why don't you carry your lame ass back where it came from.

Anonymous said...

Heh... I think it's funny. People yelling for someone to "do something!" Do-nothing-Gwen is so horrible that if Joe will just do _anything_ we'll vote for him.

Carefull what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Heh... I think it's funny. People yelling for someone to "do something!" Do-nothing-Gwen is so horrible that if Joe will just do _anything_ we'll vote for him.

Carefull what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Here is my take on this. Gwen has proven to do absolutely nothing on City Council. Joe at least has a fire, he at least has a voice and an opinion, be it good, bad or indifferent. Council will be ruled by majority, with his one vote, I don't think it will turn the city upside down, however, I think with this opinion, it will at least get council to wake up an listen during hearings.

Anonymous said...

The stuff about the Dem party leadership leaning on people to vote for Gwen is overblown, or it's a loser's rumor.