Friday, March 23, 2007

John's Import Auto Repair

One of the better businesses in Seminole Heights is John's Import Auto Repair at 5507 N. Nebraska 238-8894. We have used John to repair our cars for most of the time when we lived in Seminole Heights. Someone in the neighborhood told us about him and it was a very good recommendation. They do good work, are reliable and honest. We recommend him to everyone and I will to continue to use him even though I am in Lutz now.

As far as garages go, his property reflects those values. The place (again as far as garages can go) is neat and tidy. He does not have the place packed full of junked cars being used for parts.

Contrast that to his neighbor to the north. The place is packed full of cars. That other place always parks cars on the sidewalk and city right of way, creating an eyesore and making it unsafe for pedestrians. Driving down Nebraska on Saturday I had to call police on them again for illegally parking on the sidewalk. Kingdom Auto repair was another bad place. They also had a place to full of junk cars, and customers had to park on the sidewalk and right of way. Early on he would park junk cars on an empty lot across the street, that did not belong to them. However we kept calling code on them and kept calling police and things have improved.

Here is an idea. As you drive to and from work and sees the auto places that park cars on sidewalk or right of way, call the police. Parking on the City right of way is a ticketable offense and does not require code enforcement actions. If alot of us call, perhaps things wil change.

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