Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gwen Flip Flops and Redner Lets You See Some Skin

The political news getting more fun to read every day.

Gwen Miller flipflops and stumbles all over her position on tax cuts.

"Councilwoman District 1 candidate Gwen Miller said Wednesday she would consider cutting the city's property tax rate as long as city services don't suffer.

That sentiment contradicts her stance in a debate Tuesday, when she said she would oppose a property tax cut. And it contradicts previous opinions she has had on the issue.

Her latest comment came during a forum held by the League of Women Voters. She faced candidate Joe Redner in the debate, which will be broadcast on the city's cable television station. Redner and Miller are the runoff candidates for the citywide District 1 council seat. Election day is March 27.

During the weeks leading up to the March 6 election, Miller provided at least three opinions on the property tax issue to the Tribune, the St. Petersburg Times and the public at candidate forums. She first said she would support a tax cut, then said she would not, then said she would wait for the state Legislature to develop a plan.

On Wednesday, however, she said she would "look forward" to looking into a property tax cut this year "but there will not be cuts in city services.""

Joe Redner makes a deal. Vote and you can see the inside of world famous Mons Venus for free.

"Joe Redner has a deal for Tampa's registered voters: Cast a ballot in the upcoming runoff election and gain free admission to his Mons Venus strip club.

That's a free afternoon or evening of nude dancers. Hand over your "I voted" sticker at the door, and the $20 cover charge will be waived.

Yes, he's serious. And yes, it's legal."

Daniel Ruth dances with glee around the newsroom pole over this whole contest which gives him much fodder for his columns. Here is his recent comment about Joe Redner

"This is a community that elected to council and the Hillsborough County Commission all manner of nutballs, brigands, demagogues, thieves, lotion boys, yes men, hucksters, liars and dolts.

Gracious, compared with the likes of Ronda Storms, Brian Blair, Ronnie Mason, Joe Kotvas, Fred Anderson, Jerry Bowmer, et al, Redner comes off as a walking Age of Enlightenment."

and Gwen Miller

"There is no question that Gwen Miller is a lovely, decent person.

However, in the debates, it has been Redner who is emerging as the candidate with a keener understanding of issues such as transportation, housing, water and economic development.

It's been painful to watch at times. You almost want to put a shawl around Miller's shoulders and give her a warm glass of milk."


Anonymous said...

OMG somebody else wants to put a shawl on her! I have felt that way for the last four years! Only I would then escort her and her warm milk to a rocking chair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not a council chair!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome - my wife and i will definitely hit up that deal by joe

Anonymous said...

Until I watched the web debate, I was sticking with Gwen. However, Joe is much more educated that I had thought. He really showed the lack of substance with Gwen. She seemed very uncofortable, unprepared.

Anonymous said...

A Daniel Ruth almost-endorsement will give quite a credible boost to Redner's already very serious campaign. There is hope.....

Anonymous said...

Redner's camp has got to be feeling good right now with the St. Pete Times endorsement too.
I'm really thinking this guy is gonna take it this time around.
Yea, there is hope! What a wake up call this will be for Tampa politics in general not to mention 12-Yr Gwen. I love it – Vote Joe !

Anonymous said...

If i vote for Gwen will she show me some skin?