Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tampa Election Results

I used to watch the TV stations or go to their websites to get the results for elections. However the quickest is to stay logged on to the Supervisor of Elections Tampa election site as they are the source for everyone else.

The earliest results with early voters and 2 of the 112 precinct returns.

Rick Barcena
Randy ''Red'' Baron
Denise Chavez
Julie Jenkins
Gwendolyn ''Gwen'' Miller
Joe Redner


2 comments from Wayne Garcia about the Shawn Harrison/ary Mulhern race applies to to this one: "Grassroots. This is the real test of how this election will be won. Whoever has the best grassroots effort and can get their voters to the polls today — especially in vote-rich South Tampa (where early voting totals show more than half of the vote citywide is coming from) — will win." and "South Tampa. I hate to keep coming back to this, but an inordinate number of votes will come out of this neighborhood today and determine the outcome."

South Tampa gets what they want. South Tampa has economic and political power. We can't compete on economics, but we could always compete on grassroots political power.

Regardless of what occurs in this election, we need to start getting ready for the next County Commission and City Council races. Candidates need to be found. Networks need to be created. Start seeding and fertilizing the grassroots. Perhaps even create a political action committee.

We also should scheduled now the political forums for those races and other races. We should also see if we can invite candidates for larger races such as Florida Governor, US Senate, and US President to come and speak to Seminole Heights. if we keep asking someone will say okay. Think of the political notice we would get if one of those candidates came to Seminole Heights.


Anonymous said...

Here is some interesting information regarding today's election.

1) in a city of over 400,000 population, only approx 30,000 people voted.

2) Our grand mayor, had almost 25% of the people voting say "no thanks" we will look for something else.

3) Gwen Miller won, however, almost 3 times as many people said no to Gwen.

4) Mary Mulhern showed that people all over the city are tired of the do nothing, spend everything attitude of our existing city council leaders.

5) While Dingfelder won, he barely squeaked by and almost had half of the people vote against him.

These results were pathetic, how can people complain and expect more, yet not show up to vote in such an important election.

Anonymous said...

Let's give Linda Saul-sena the power to take on Pam Iorio. Someone needs to do the mayors job since she is so busy doing photo ops. Mary will be an asset. Maybe redner can bring some fresh ideas.