Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some things change and some things stay the same.

So, we move to Lutz into a quiet neighborhood (Windemere Subdivision). It has been 5 days and so far we have met only one set of our neighbors. When we moved to Seminole Heights 7 years ago from Pasco Lutz, we met more people in the first 3 days than in 3 years in Pasco Lutz. I miss the people.

Then here are a couple of laughs. One of our Seminole Heights friends does not like a lot of noise and was a bit jeaolous that we were moving to pastoral bucolic Lutz. Something I do not miss, one of my rants, is boom box cars. However the reason I am not missing it because one of my neighbors has boom box car. Boom box cars are not just a city thing.

Then today I am talking to my next door neighbor who tells me that the newly renovated house across the street used to be a crack house and had fallen into disrepair. After it was foreclosed upon a neighbor down the street bought it and cleaned it up, and he found all sorts of drug paraphernalia. Hmmm. Something like that occurred at our Seminole Heights house, where we had a drug dealers house one block to the east and another house one block to the south. The drug activity only stopped after the houses were bought and renovated.

Go figure. Maybe I ought to look closer at those people walking the streets. Maybe instead of walking the streets they are street walkers in country drag.


Anonymous said...

Wait till they find out you're a closet homosexual from the big city-

Them there will sart some fireworks.

sesh2 said...

WOW. where did that come from?

Miss Queen Tessa said...

Alot of shemales, FemmeQueens, and even TS (transsexual girls either hang out or prostitute out there. Like my homegirl Keete "Kim" Wyma and Miss GiGi, Lala, and all them crazy queens.

Maybe because society doesn't accept transgendered people much especially of color and we aren't always lucky to have legal means of making ends meet. We are seen as absurd, as punks, sissies, and entertainers