Sunday, March 04, 2007

SE Seminole Heights City Development Block Grant requests

An email from Frank Roder:

"On Thursday, March 9 at 5:30 I will be appearing before Tampa City Council to present our neighborhood' s CDBG (City Development Block Grant) requests. This year we are requesting that an additional building be built to replace the existing building (the Kathryn Malone Center) to serve the needs of the neighborhood and civic association. When the overhaul of Giddens Park was being designed by the Greenprinting Initiative, the Mayor's Beautification Committee and the Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association, space was reserved for the construction of a new community center. We are requesting that the new center be constructed.

Last year we requested speed tables for 12th St. and Chelsea due to the speeding problems on those streets. That request was denied. Since neighbors are still complaining about the volume of the traffic and speeding, this year we are requesting that traffic calming devices be installed to help control the speeding. Neighbors are encouraged to attend and to speak before council to help promote our requests. If you would like to speak with me please e-mail me for details.
Frank Roder, VP for Public Relations, SESHCA"

Email Frank via the SESHCA main email.

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Bungalowlady said...

You need to VOTE so that City Council has some SH representation. These problems would be less if we had a voice on City Council. VOTE on Tuesday!!!