Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some Quotes

Jim of State of Sunshine has some thoughts about yesterday's election.

6. Randy Baron - the most intelligent and capable candidate in his race - received the endorsements of both the Tampa Tribune and the St. Petersburg Times. He finished dead last. (Sidebar: Don’t worry Randy, I finished dead last in my primary, too. It’s not so bad). I hope he runs for office again, regardless of party affiliation. Smart people need to run for office — usually a smart “strategery.”

I agree with Jim. For the betterment of Tampa, Randy needs to run again. However, this time we need to build a powerful machine to help get him elected.

7. The City of Tampa needs to move the election to November. I never understand why cities in Florida have elections at such odd times - heck, look at the slate of dates for the Pinellas County cities! It’s not like the people care that much… so if you moved it to a more traditional date (even if it’s not held at the same time as other elections) you would increase turnout. Heck, I would even propose that the Legislature should dictate all elections should be held on the same dates state-wide… the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even years.

Why do we have the City election out of sync? This costs the taxpayers money money to have a separate election.

Also read Hot Topics posting of actual quotes by people in SH when asked if they voted.


Anonymous said...

You forgot this one...

4. Joe Redner is evolving his public persona, and finished a very strong second to Gwen Miller. True, he still owns Mons Venus among other ventures, but because he doesn’t have to fight Bob Buckhorn any longer, that side of him has taken a back seat to a more populist message. Wayne Garcia asks if Joe Redner can win - I think he clearly can.

Anonymous said...

Smart doesnt win elections.
Sensitivity and caring and popularity does.
Clearly there was a sensitivity chip missing in the Baron campaign to finish dead last with two newspaper endorsements.

ranbar said...

Please tell me, Anonymous 5:58, what the sensitivity chip was that I was missing. Was it when I organized support for a family whose house burned down over New Year's weekend? Or maybe it's all the hours I have spent helping Merino's and Cappy's navigate through city red-tape hell. Perhaps it was when I volunteered for the Sligh Avenue clean-up. Or the fact that I spent the Saturday before the election bowling to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. None of this was mentioned during my campaign because I felt that it was inappropriate to exploit my volunteer service. Perhaps I was being TOO sensitive, at the expense of my campaign. Well, maybe next time I'll see you out there volunteering as well.

Anonymous said...

Sensitivity chip? What the hell does that mean? Whoever you are, do you know anyting at all about
Randy..............Please, please tell me where is the sensitivity exhibited in Gwenn Miller? Or the caring, or any substance what so ever?

Anonymous said...

Please dont try and tell me what you did right when you came in dead last.
Accept defeat and start over.
Im right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy-
I wouldn't respond to people like that - clearly they are just talking out of their a**. No one who is actually thinking about the election questions your credibility or sensitivity. I think the main issue was simply recognition outside of SH. Only time and continuous efforts to keep running for an elected position can fix that. Plus, I think a lot of people who would have voted for you felt they had to vote for Redner this time around. I am one of those people as are many of my friends. Basically, we had voted for Redner in the past, we do believe in his ability to force change or at least force new perspective into the council, and we felt that this might be his best shot at winning. I think that you will have a great chance in another election down the road and you will likely have my vote later.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anon 5:52.
Same scenario and thinking with my vote for Joe. He is what we need at this very moment in time. It is way past overdue in removing Gwen and this time around it looks good that it can happen with Joe up against her. Randy's time just wasn't now and can be in the future.

Anonymous said...

American's don't like smart, they like strong. Geeks and nerds get beat up for a reason. Science education is in a shambles for a reason. Some of our biggest celebrities are gangsta-rap hoodlums that can't go to their own concerts without ducking bullets.

We deserve the chaos Redner will create. We don't deserve Baron.

Jeff said...

Unlike Joe, Randy has actually participated in helping the neighborhoods. He's worked at Special Olympics as well as other charity work. He's been representing the neighborhood in quite a few instances. I don't ever remember seeing Joe at one single event even though he lives just across the river from Seminole Heights.

Joe Redner doesn't give a flip about Central Tampa. He's never once gotten involved. Joe just likes the publicity.

Anonymous said...

The odd time for municipal elections is that it stregthens the status quo. If you really want to have more participation then the elections should be at the very least held on the even years between presidential elections. It would be much more difficult for South Tampa to control the outcome.
Though turn-out would rise through out the city. North of Kennedy would be by a much greater percentage.
Shawn lost because, Mary had SOK support. The voting south versus the appathetic north.
Randy would have had a hard time even if Redner wasn't in the race. But Gwen would have been toast had the SOK vote not been split.
The paper endorsements would also carried more weight in a crowded ballot.

Maybe we should amend the city charter to change the election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Shawn would have lost anyway. Those of us in Tampa proper don't really like New Tampa very much.

Anonymous said...

Here are my toughts. I will vote for Joe as he seems like th only candidate tough enough to stand up against the current administration. Iorio has had 4 years to accomplish nothing, but spend millions. I do believe Joe will speak out. We have a had a council that has been ineffective in stopping her waste, and adding to it themselves. I think Joe will speak out. The other candidates seemed to soft and meek to do anything. Personally, I would love to see more accountability to Mayor Iorio and her staff.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Joe !!
Gwen is old history. Time for change - VOTE JOE REDNER !!!