Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dis and Dat building - on hold?

So, anyone one know where things are at with the Dis and Dat building? Per the Express Permits website they are facing an inpection hold.

25-Feb-2007 83 / COMPLAINT 26-Feb-2007 3178 20 / DISAPPROVED FINAL NOTICE
25-Jan-2007 83 / COMPLAINT 26-Jan-2007 3178 88 / VIOL-RED TAG BM PLANS STRUCT REPAIRS


NOC - Notice of Commencement?


Resident Blogger said...

The people doing this building apparently refused to get permits for exterior work and started out anyway! The building is not necessairly sound and it seemed the plan was to ignore that and build it out. All those holes for doors and windows were done without a permit.

They are permitted for roof, stucco and interior demo. As you can tell they are way ahead of that!

So until they address the structual issues and get valid permits, they are stopped.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not one to harp on the city for every little thing, but COME ON PEOPLE!

The City's building/code/zoning departments are f'ing terrible. It's regretable when restaraunts like Viva la Frida's and Cappy's build out and open up without permits. It's unforgivable when a multi-story, fractured brick building can be heavily modified without the city doing much about it. That's dangerous.

Why do builders think it's okay to do this? Cappy's said it was because these things weren't required in South Tampa. I have no clue why Angelica did it. Why did Dis n Dat's new owners do it?! Is the City somewhat at fault for lack of education? If the building falls on some poor pedestrian walking by, who gets sued? The owners who didn't get the permits? the contractors that work without permits? the city that neglects its duty to inform and inspect?

From minor issues like violations of chain link fences in the overlay to huge issues like crumbling brick buildings, the City is dropping the BALL.

NewHeightsMag said...

What about that small, yellow hole in the wall on Florida Ave. south of Forever Beuatiful? Not sure what that place is -- although it looks like a small daily work/daily pay place or even a church. There's a "stop work" sticker on their window, too.

Anonymous said...

Noticed today that Urban Design, next to Tampa door just north of MLK on Nebraska is closed and there seems to be some official looking paperwork in the window, like permits, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

RE: Urban Design

That's just a sign permit. Not sure about them being closed...

Anonymous said...

RE: Urban Design

Drove by there yesterday and today during business hours and their "closed" sign was up. Unless they close for lunch at weird lunch time.

Mal Carne said...

The dis and dat owners were out to do a quick, cheap flip and got stalled when they found out they couldn't. They approached a contractor friend of mine about doing the work for them. To paraphrase the conversation:
dnd: you want to handle the work?

friend: well, here's what you're going to have to do to stabilize this and pass inspection.

dnd: uhm, we just wanted to put some stucco over it

friend: good luck with that

My bet is that someone is going to buy the shell of the building before anything happens to it.

Anonymous said...

bottom line is the DnD building owners are scum hoping to put the Strip Joint in and got called. The neighborhood was quick to react and Put a quick stop to their plan before they got too far along. I hope they stay stalled, lose the building to someone that will take care of it and not stucco the beautiful brick. They are doing halfassed shoddy work and hopefully wll not do any more damage.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the owners of that building know that we all know that they are LOSERS!! Why would anyone with any sense in their head put stucco over such beautiful brick work? The world is full of them. We aren't immune to them. The only thing we can do is to work to put obstacles in their way until they do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

They need to put in a business we'd go to bat for them over if they have problems with the city.

Anonymous said...

We most definitely need a gay-friendly social establishment here in the hood somewhere. Not a disco, but a hang-out of some sorts.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom at Giddens park?

Anonymous said...

Zoning pretty much prohibits stand-alone bars in all areas of Seminole Heights. If you want to open a bar, you have to either a) buy an existing (grandfathered) one, of which I think there are now two, or b) open a full restaraunt that includes a bar (which is what Pat did with Front Porch.)

Anon 7:03 -- you keep dropping that comment around the various threads. Sounds like you might own a pawn shop or maybe the used motorcycle store near the River on Nebraska. The owner of that place has been battling code over illegal storage for months. Or maybe you're one of the used car lot owners trying to get code changed to permit 10' razorwire fences in Seminole heights? (They're also trying for electric fences. You one of those?)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea... and don't forget to include the dreaded awful Car Repair Business'.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that all work has been stopped on the dnd building, vagrants have moved in! Wondering what can be done to avoid this situation. Boarding it up would work, but would look, er, boarded up!

Maybe that's not such a bad thing, considering the alternative ... having a structurally unsound building housing numerous homeless ppl. Reference those vacant buildings cowntown off of Franklin St that caught fire over a month ago ... suspected cause of fire ... homeless people illegally inhabiting the structure.