Saturday, July 22, 2006

Library Joe

An Email I received:

Hello everyone :

My name is Joseph O'Sullivan (please call me Joe) and I am the new supervisor over at the Seminole Heights Branch Library. Tina Russo has been promoted and has moved to the Main Library downtown. . . . I have already had the pleasure of meeting Steve Gluckman and look forward to meeting everyone else. Here is my contact information :

Joe O'Sullivan
Senior Librarian
Seminole Heights Branch Library

Steve has graciously invited me to the dinner on the 25th and I look forward to meeting most of you. Thanks.

Peace, Love, and Respect--Joe

Anyone who signs off an email with "Peace Love and Respect" is going to fit in well here.


Mike Ferlita said...


mia said...

welcome Joe! a librarian is always a cause for celebration :).

good librarians are working hard to provide access to all and to serve the needs of their community, so everyone should give Joe a warm welcome.