Sunday, July 30, 2006

What the heck do I call you?

Anything but late for dinner.

Recently I have been asked this question.

Q. So what is with the Scott or David business?

A. Call me by either name.

My first name is David. My middle is Scott.

When I grew up I was Scott because my Dad was David (his middle name - he was a Junior and his dad took the first name)

At some point at school I decided I wanted to be called David. This established the pattern that at home it was Scott and at school and then work, it was David.

Then I moved into this neighborhood, and with the Civic Association and anti-crime involvement my personal and professional lives became mixed. Through my work I am known by many Law Enforcement and other professionals as David. Again through work, I was used to being interviewed by the news as David.

So some know me as Scott, and others as David, a few as Dave, and (only by my mom and occasionally by my wife's best friend's mother (Tillie) as Scotty).


Anonymous said...

So its settled, I will call you Bob.

Bungalowlady said...

This sounds lik my life. Never used my first name as it was my mother's name AND my little sister's name. So, I went by my middle name. Have been Susan for years. Now, I find people calling me Sue. Hmm, I thought I was Susan. When I got a divorce a did a name change and dropped the first name I never used anyway. But, some people (family mostly) still call me by it occasionally.