Monday, July 31, 2006

Exercise Club Reunites

"Join our Exercise Club Reunion walk tomorrow night! Our nationally famous exercise club will be hosting a reunion walk tomorrow night, Tuesday, Aug. 1, beginning at 7:00 at Seminole Heights Baptist Church. We plan on walking from Hillsborough to MLK and back. Our exercise club became famous for walking Nebraska Av. with our dogs late at night to discourage drug sales and prostitution. We were so successful in our walks then, that one night we had 67 people photographed at 2:00 AM in front of the Publix! Our exercise club earned our neighborhood a finalist nomination for Neighborhood of the Year in 2002. Bring your dog and join your neighbors as we walked along Nebraska Av. tomorrow night. Hope to see you! "

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

do we have to pick up our dog shit if we come? putting fertilizer in plastic bags to bring to the landfill doesn't quite make sense to me.