Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WMNF and Katrina

WMNF 88.5 FM is having a 17 hour fundraiser today to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina. It ends at 11:00 P.M. They are donating the money to 4 organizations with none or less than 1% administrative costs. This is one of the things I like about this station, their ability to mobilize the community for causes and issues.

Today WMNF is asking for you to give generously to a special fund to aid in the relief efforts for the people whose homes, lives and livelihoods were damaged or destroyed by the recent hurricane and flooding.

September 21st from 6am to 11pm, join WMNF programming and programmers as we bring the power of community radio to bear on this unprecedented challenge.

Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina with your pledge!


Under normal circumstances, non-commercial stations are not allowed to suspend programming to raise funds for other causes or organizations. However, on September 2, 2005, the NFCB applied for and received a blanket waiver from the FCC allowing all NFCB member stations to interrupt programming to fundraise in relief of the disaster which struck the gulf coast; the waiver is in effect for Sept and October.

The money we collect today will be equally divided (25% to each) to the following four organizations:

Habitat for Humanity Operation Home Delivery, which will assist those made homeless in the disaster with rebuilding housing--either in the community they came from, or in the community to which they've relocated--the family's choice. 100% of the funds collected in this Habitat initiative will go to the rebuilding effort; all administrative costs and overhead will come from their existing foundation structure.

More at:

ACORN: The ACORN Institute - ACORN Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund, which assists low- and moderate-income families with relief. Their home office is located in the storm-ravaged area of New Orleans, and they are mobilizing across the country to provide housing, food, clothing--all levels of need--to those with the least resources for recovery on their own. You may remember ACORN recently for their work on the Living Wage Act, and long-time 'MNF'ers will remember ACORN as the organization under whose auspices WMNF founding vols and staff started their work on WMNF 27+ years ago.

The funds collected by ACORN will be delivered directly to those in need.

More at:

Musicares, the foundation arm of the Recording Academy, has established a fund to provide direct assistance to musicians impacted by the disaster. Funding is provided directly, as a grant. Hurricane Relief Assistance may include funds for basic living expenses such as shelter, food, utilities, cell phones and transportation; medical expenses including doctor, dentist, hospital bills and medication; clothing and toiletries; musical instrument and recording equipment replacement; relocation costs; school supplies for students; cell phone service; insurance payments and more, for whatever needs the musician has--housing, food, transportation, etc.

All funds collected for this disaster relief will be distributed to the recipients; administrative funds will come from existing foundation overhead accounts.


Baton Rouge Area Foundation, in conjuction with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, recommended to community stations by WWOZ. The Foundations, working together, have established Foundation for Recovery, consisting of two relief funds, one for relief for displaced residents, and one for the rebuilding of infrastructure in Greater New Orleans. As in-place local funders, they are veryt familiar with the needs and ability to deliver services. Administrative fees for the foundation overall are less than 1% of the funds distributed.


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