Monday, July 21, 2008

Tampa History - Dime Cabs

Using Google Scholar, I came across this interesting little article about dime cabs FROM TROLLEYS TO BUSES AND IN BETWEEN by Robert Sims from the USF Library.

"Picture, if you will ... It is 7:30 a.m., of a
work-day and you are due at your
downtown Tampa office in one half
hour. Outside the day has dawned ugly
and gray; a hard rain is pelting down.
You step to your telephone, dial, and
presently are answered by a cheery
"Economy Cab, good morning." Your
order for a cab to drive you downtown is
taken and within five minutes a late
model Chevrolet taxi pulls into your
driveway as close to your front door as
possible so that you may encounter no
more rain than necessary. Two
passengers are in the rear seat, you take
the front. The driver heads downtown
and two more passengers are picked up.
Fifteen minutes after leaving your home
the cab stops in front of your office
building. The rain has stopped; it’s going
to be a nice day after all. You hand the
driver a DIME, and he cheerfully thanks

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