Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Practice Field moved

According to Kathy Steele of the Tribune the park at 22nd Street will not be used as a practice field

"That's good news to the North East Tampa Pirates, a Pop Warner football team that has been seeking to relocate from Temple Crest Community Center for nearly five years. The team's proposal to build three practice fields with volunteer labor at 22nd Street Park was met with little enthusiasm from neighbors."

"MacDugal Park, off Sligh Avenue between 12th and 13th streets, popped up as an alternative and received approval recently from city parks and recreation officials." (more)

So what should be done with the 22nd street park?


Mal Carne said...

I know, I know.... a dump. (err... transfer station)

RatsssAsss said...

Bull*hit! How nice that they moved from 22nd St. to McDougal....did anyone bother to check the city's budget!? Not a thing they can add to the park above what the Pirates contractor and coach does. Gosh sound like the city promised yet another grand endeavor but will in fact leave another unfinished inner city park like Giddens. Great job OSHNA...should have consulted with your greenspace chairperson....she knew the city was in debt!

justAdad said...

That park has had no actvity except the ham raido people. For the past 8 years that i have lived 3 blocks away. I really like the way that some of you people act when some good people want to do somthing good for our neighborhood. Just because infront of your home it is quiet. dose not mean that you have the right to act on behalf of everyone. there kids all over the street wouldnt it have been nice to have a place where they can go, and better yet people willing to spend time with them FOR FREE (ITS TIME TO TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF AND LOOK AROUND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND TRY SPENDING A LITTLE TIME TO MAKE IT A NICE PLACE TO LIVE INSTEAD OF JUST LOOK PRETTY?) just a thought be productive and let your actions speak for them selves.