Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Heights | mid-May/mid-July 2008 issue

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Heights Heightlights
lUCky dogs - Dog-friendly Urban Corridor

New Heights takes you on a tour of the UC's shade covered sidewalks, its dog-loving restaurants and retail shops, and its dogparks to prove the UC area may be Tampa's dog-friendliest.

Plus: Photos & Results of our UC's Cutest Dog/Owner Contest!

Food & Drink
Our expert food critic gives downtown's Fly Bar & Restaurant a second look and discovers that small plates can satisfy big appetites (even at small prices, if your timing is right!).

Then, white or red? NH's critically acclaimed sommeliers recommend both can be enjoyed when sipping this summer.

Health & Beauty
Summer is Bridal Season. So for those of you who plan on soon saying "I do," we're providing a Beauty To-do Checklist to help your day be as grand as possible.

Meanwhile, NH's health columnist explains how acupuncture and herbs can be an effective treatment for asthma.

Home & Family
See why mixing grandma's favorite chair with a modern, colorful, plastic side table is a chic look that's catching on in the UC.

Then, NH's very own Licensed School Psychologist, Dr. Abby, explores how a little "Consideration" can greatly enhance your parent/child bond.

Arts & Events
Hundreds of thousands have visited TBPAC to see big stars; but New Heights takes you to the theatre's newest constellation, which isforming in its Patel Performing Arts Conservatory.

Also: Event Listings & Photos of Historic Fires, Flugtag, Porch Parties & more.

News & Rumors
Is it Real or Rumor? From the Newsline to the Grapevine, New Heights goes myth-busting to bring you the latest scoop!

This issue: Sangrias Update, Sem-Hi the new SoHo?, Free UC Taxi, B&B for SH, NoHo goes PM and more.


Jennifer said...

"Most suggestions have been for a coffee and bagel shop, grocery store (Sem-Hi was a Kash-n-Karry in the 1950s), wine shop or pet boutique. While others include a florist, deli, bank or UPS Store."

So, Whaley's in SoHo has to close and Sem-Hi Center needs about getting Whaley's to move into the neighborhood?

Jay McGee said...

Great idea!!! Please see my newest posting, "Save the Whaley's." I'm pushing as hard as I can :)

Please email to encourage them personally!

If you have contact information for Whaley's owners, please email or call me: 813-389-8116 or

Jennifer said...

I emailed them my words of encouragement, and spread the work on my personal blog in hopes I can convince my friends to do the same!

Hopefully more folks will step up and let Whaley's know what a great (and welcome) addition to the Heights they'd be!

Anonymous said...

I was playing on the site to see all the links to other Seminole Heights blogs. FYI, the canadagirl speaks blog is a PORNO site.

Seminole Heights said...

Not originally, then that person gave up their blog and its title and obviously someone else took it.