Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Confederate battle Flag Is Not my flag - Call For artists

From the Alley Cats website

"The Confederate battle Flag Is Not my flag .... so the Alley Cats are issuing a call to artists to create flags that represent an inclusive vision of our shared Southern heritage and express hope rather than hate.

The local media reports about the flying of a large Confederate battle flag over I4 and 75 outside Tampa have given a disproportionate share of public attention to a divisive and ugly symbol. This is a conversation that is taking place all over the South -- several states have had public discussions in recent years about the Confederate flag. The Alley Cats want to fly a different Southern flag -- yours!

We’re accepting artists’ submissions in both digital format and as physical fabric art creations. We’re going to create an art exhibit that combines displaying the fabric art flags with large-scale projections of the digital creations.

We will be accepting artwork and forming alliances with other artistic/cultural groups for this project through May of 2009, and will be arranging our exhibition for June-July 2009.

Create flags that are representative of our better selves and our varied traditions, and we’ll fly them all!"


calebism said...

Well spotted! Thanks- I reblogged. http://calebism.com/painting/tampa-confederate-flag-antidote-call-to-artists

SSHeights said...

How silly.

Tony said...

There already is such a flag. It is called the "Bonnie Blue" flag http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Blue and its use among southern states pre-dates the civil war. I don't care what the so-called defenders of the battle flag say, if they REALLY were only concerned about history and heritage, this would be the flag they use. The Confederate battle flag and all of its incarnations are nothing more than a giant middle finger to anyone who is not ignorant and white.

Vanessa said...

The Confederate Flag has too much heat associated with it to be flown in most contexts. I am of Confederate ancestry, as I am sure many people in the South are, and I am not ashamed of that fact, yet even I cringe when I see the thing flying. It is too-much associated with rednecks and idiots. Bonnie Blue seems like a nice alternative, as might the Gadsden Flag so often flown in Charleston.