Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seminole Heights to get New Library

According to the Trib:

""I'm very happy to tell you that in our capital fund budget, we have marked $7.3 million to replace the current library," he said.

While the county commission's 2009 budget must survive two more public hearings in September before it is fully approved, he said he didn't expect anything to change.

"We've worked really hard on this," he said, adding that it is possible to be building by late 2011 or early 2012 if the budgeted funds are approved.


anonaMISS said...

$7.3 MILLION, what are they doing, dipping each book in gold! I truley support the library, but this is a crazy waste of money, For 1/2 million dollars, they should be able to raize the current building, rebuild and add 50 computers. This is why we can barely afford our taxes. Have they said how the 7.3 will be spent.

Rick Fifer said...

At the last OSHNA membership meeting there was a presentation. The plan was a larger library, 2 story and multi-level parking with access from both ground level parking and the 2nd level parking deck. The new structure will also have to meet storm water retention requirements. 7.3 million may sound like a lot and 1/2 million might sound more appealing but a half mil won't get you much these days. Hell my insurance company tells me it would take 200k to replace my home in the event of a hurricane and my house is only 1500 sq ft.