Monday, July 14, 2008

Queing up to be a Citizen Journalist.

According to an interesting article in the Queue blog of John McQuiston WTSP has posted an ad looking for citizen journalists "The station will train 20 ordinary Joes and Janes to shoot video. WTSP will provide a camera and tripod for those chosen. Video may show on the air or on the station's web site with each video the station uses earning the shooter $20."

John goes on to discuss the idea and and has come up with several reasons why the station might be doing it. including "But mostly, it sounds like a response to the threat from blogs like Seminole Heights or Davis Islands Today. They're both blogs dedicated to sections of Tampa. There are probably a lot more that I don't know about. Each by itself is no rival but together they continue the chipping away of local TV and newspaper audiences"

Here is my thought. Lets get as many Seminole Heights residents applying for the citizen journalist jobs, that way the airways will be dominated by coverage of Seminole Heights events or by opinion from the Seminole Heights perspective.

Failing that, how about residents shoot their own stories and I will post them on the blog.

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