Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing Horse Found on Clifton Avenue

According to the Tribune, a missing horse was found in the backyard of Clifton Avenue. A missing horse statue that was stolen from the front of the Tampa Museum of Art in 1998.

"a woman who lives in the home gave Baxter a few stories about how the sculpture came to be in her yard, eventually saying an ex-boyfriend had bought it at a yard sale for $25 in 1998"

They don't give the address, except to say East Clifton, which could be or might not be in Seminole Heights, but I wondered if I had seen the horse when we drove around Seminole Heights, nothing certain, just an the odd feeling that maybe I had. Perhaps I mixed it up with the other horses around.

Tampa owns other horse sculptures by Oleson, on Bayshore Boulevard.

I remember when Oleson was alive he had a whole herd of sculpture horses pastured in his front yard on Gunn Highway in Odessa, just before the Flea Market. I always enjoyed driving by them.


Mal Carne said...

Well, about the only part of this story that's correct is that a metal horse was stolen....sometime....

Mal Carne said...

Completely by accident, my wife and I stumbled upon Boyette's Grove in Spring Lake yesterday. It's owned by the Oleson family.

In a back room, we found some sculpture from Bud Oleson's grandson. It's much darker, but you can see the influence that his grandfather had on his work. Interesting stuff.