Monday, July 14, 2008

New Blog in the neighborhood

There is a new blog in Seminole Heights called "The Official unofficial Seminole Heights Blog" and can be found at From the first posting:

"Having grown up my entire adult life in Seminole Heights , I have seen the true transformation of an inner city neighborhood. I was here before it was cool to be here. I have been blessed with the opportunity to fight with the hookers, chase the drug dealers, protest at city council, and renovate an ailing bungalow. Most of all, I have been blessed with some of the most active, vocal, passionate, loving and caring neighbors and lifelong friends.

As our neighborhood evolves, so do our need as do the needs of our neighborhood. This blog is being designed as a sounding board to voice opinions, concerns and to leave comments that may unite, incite and in any way light a fire to spark change, encourage activism and be a catalyst for improvement and volunteerism.

In prior years, we have had award winning blogs that were widely read. However, time changes all. In an effort to replace the OPEN forum, this blog has been created in the original fashion of our original blog. All post are left at the true intent of the author. No censorship! To avoid any neighborhood feuding, all post can be left anonymously.

I hope over time, this board will create a very unique, creative, must-read outlet to obtaining your neighborhood news. A new way to take the Heights to greater Heights!"

Contrary to an email I received, I am not the writer of this blog and I do not know who is writing it. Someone who fits the profile above, obviously. I don't know if the photo is a clue.


anonaMISS said...

I actually stumbled onto this blog a few days/weeks back. I have been checking it out daily as it actually updates daily, has good content and is an enjoyable read. Hopefully, with their anonymous features, neighbors will be able to say what is on their mind without being targeted and chastised by other neighbors. It seems like when someone would leave a comment that was contradictory to others, or the neighborhoods, they were beaten down. I am assuming that with the anon postings, we will see more honest dialogue. Maybe even Flieranon will come back to shake things up. (Ahhhh, those were the days, My husband used to give me heck as I could spend hours on the blog back then) Good Luck!

Julyn said...