Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who's your pick

Not exactly neighborhood oriented, but with the upcoming little to no count primary, I was wondering if anyone felt strongly enough about the upcoming primary to vote. If you are going to vote, what's your motivation - given that the Dem's won't count your vote and the Rep's might count half? Who's your pick, and why?


Urban Eater said...

Regardless of whether or not our votes will "count", it is very important that we all vote so that our voices can be heard. I, for one, think all States should hold the Primes on the same day, nation-wide.
To answer your question, Clinton. I feel she is the only one strong enough, who can dig this country out of the crisis we have been propelled in.

Bungalowlady said...

Interesting. I agree we must vote. You need to take a position on Amendment #1 - the property tax amendment.

To answer your question, I've been torn between Clinton and Obama. I'm tending toward Obama, but not really decided yet.

SSHeights said...

Since all Dems now seem to be Socialists at the core, I can not any longer vote for them.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who seems interested in the Constitution.

Mal Carne said...

I fully intend on voting on Ammendment 1, whichever way I vote on it, but I have no party affiliation (neither party speaks to me, which seems to be the feeling of the majority of America these days) so I'm not invited to anybody's party this Tuesday.

My question lies in why you feel it necessary to vote when the 2 major parties have told you that they'll take your contributions, but won't count your vote. I'm not casting stones, I'm honestly curious. You've told me that you feel it's important to vote, but haven't told me why you hold that belief. Again, no insult, just trying to understand the motivation.

Urban Eater said...

The national media will report our votes, allowing a voice to be heard with a Floridian accent.

Seminole Heights said...

I am a Republican. In the presidential primaries I am voting for John McCain.
He is a bit a of maverick. He is more moderate than Huckabee and Romney. He has a good foreign policy understanding. I think he will find a better way to resolve this war than the other candidates and President Bush could.

If I were a Democrat, I'd vote for Clinton.

I am voting against Amendment 1. Even though I would benefit from it, it is not good enough.