Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Call for Articles: New Heights’ mid-March/mid-May 2008 issue

It’s that time again! Have your writings considered for publication in New Heights Magazine by emailing them to editor@NewHeightsMag.com by Friday, Feb. 1, 2008.

Reoccurring Article Word Count: 600-1,200

Heights Heightlight Word Count: 1,200-2,000

Article Guidelines:
1. Topic(s) must be relevant to Tampa; specifically one or (preferably) more of Tampa’s historic Urban Corridor neighborhoods.

2. Must fit in one of the magazine’s main sections: Health & Beauty, Home & Real Estate, Food & Drink, Arts & Events. Broad topic feature stories for the Heights Heighlight section are also requested.

3. Include quote(s) from Urban Corridor resident(s). One (1) minimum, but aim for 2-4.

4. Include supporting high-resolution photos, illustrations, maps and/or graphs. (See below for image guidelines.)

5. When possible, identify (within the article) sources of statistics and facts.

6. List contact information for the writer, quoted participants and photographer/artist.

7. Include a short bio of the author, describing his/her experience with the topic. Also provide a photo of the author, when available. (See below for image guidelines.)

Other Suggestions:
* Use a clear, friendly and non-technical style.
* Avoid jargon and explain acronyms on first reference.
* Divide the article into shorter "chapters" for easier reading.* Include the importance or timeliness of the topic (somewhere in the article’s opening paragraphs).
* Emphasize the positives of the article’s people, places, things and/or events. Be thorough and descriptive.
* Include any relevant information you’d like to have accompany your article.

Photo/Image Guidelines:
* Submit each image separately, with a brief text caption that explains what the reader is seeing.
* Supporting Graphics (charts, graphs, maps, etc.): Send in high-resolution pdf or jpg format.
* Photographs: Submit as pdf or jpg files no larger than 500x300 pixels. Resolution must be 300 dpi of higher.
* All images must be accompanied by artist’s name and contact information (phone and/or email).

Permissions: Accuracy and proper attribution of sources are essential. Authors are responsible for fact-checking articles prior to submission, noting all sources and obtaining written permission to use any copyrighted material.

Please do NOT submit articles that have either been previously published or that are scheduled to be published in any city of Tampa serving publication.

For more information about submitting articles, contact Jay McGee at (813) 389-8116 or editor@NewHeightsMag.com. For advertising information contact ads@NewHeightsMag.com.

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