Monday, January 14, 2008

Seminole Heights Bicycle Club

During the next few weeks, I would like to gauge the level of interest in forming a Seminole Heights Bicycle Club.

The goals would be to have scheduled rides on the streets in Seminole Heights; start bike rides from inside Seminole Heights of about 15-30 miles to other locations; to generally promote bicycling in Seminole Heights and Tampa; and to hold occasional bicycle events and festivals in Seminole Heights to enhance community spirit. A local Seminole Heights Bicycle Club would NOT duplicate any efforts of other bike clubs such as the Tampa Bay Freewheelers, which does a great job at sponsoring rides in the area.

Seminole Heights resident Mike Limerick contacted me about the concept of a bicycle club, so we decided to put the word out on the street to see the extent to which people here in Seminole Heights would like to form a club.

I have held several local bike rides in Seminole Heights and 15-30 people have participated in these local neighborhood bike rides. We have some of the biggest bicycle advocates in the Tampa Bay area living right here in Seminole Heights. I know there is interest in bicycling in our Seminole Heights neighborhoods -- and now I am curious as to the level of interest in creating a Seminole Heights bike club.

Please contact me at and Mike at to share your comments.

I will return a summary of the responses in several weeks down the road.

--Alan Snel

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