Friday, January 25, 2008

NH Web Launch & Hardcopy Pick-up Points will launch in its new format Jan. 28, 2008!

Meanwhile, the hardcopy version of the magazine can now be found at 78 Tampa locations; with 26 more approved (to date) and awaiting delivery. That's 104 locations -- over 100% more than originally planned!

For a continually updated list of locations where you can find your copy of New Heights, visit:

Also, we have increased our hand-delivered copy count to nearly 4,000 homes in the Tampa Urban Corridor. More will follow!

If after all this, you still haven't got your copy -- or if you'd like your storefront to be a distribution point -- just email or call us and we will deliver a copy or copies of New Heights right to your door! editor@newheightsmag or (813) 389-8116

Thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive and encouraging support.

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